39 Remaining Species in Zoori, Tagaytay City, Philippines

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It is saddening that these caged animals may not be well fed as their proprietors get into financial trouble. Some of the cages are empty. I am not sure if some of the animals died because of hunger. Some of the animals are even skinny already. I am sure the proprietors are doing their best to sustain the animals. But, what can they do if no tourists are already visiting their zoo? During that midday, we only filled up the 8th up to 12th spot on that log book.

Here are the 39 Remaining Species in Zoori, Tagaytay City, Philippines.


2.) St. Bernard

3.) Stray Cat

4.) Panthera Tigris

5.) Horses

6.) Goats

7.) Chattering Lory


10.) Camel

11.) Dove


13.) Palawan Bearcat

14.) Green Iguana

15.) Philippine Porcupine

16.) Philippine Monkey


18.) Asian Palm Civet

19.) Pigs

20.) Caiman Crocodile

21.) White Lion

22.) Brahmny Kite

23.) Flowerhorn

24) Rabbit

25.) Oscar

26.) Silver Arowana

27.) Hornet Fish



30.) Iridescent Shark


32.) Albino Burmese Python

33.) Reticulated Python

34.) Anerthistic Corn Snake

35.) Chaco Golden Knee


37.) Asian Box Turtle



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