9 Spots to Appreciate in San Bartolome Parish Church, Nagcarlan, Laguna, Philippines

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San Bartolome Parish Church is also known as Church of Nagcarlan. It is one of the oldest churches in Laguna. The church has been iconic as this was the filming location for the 1974 movie ‘Kampanerang Kuba’ starred by Vilma Santos and 2005 soap opera ‘Kampanerang Kuba’ starred by Anne Curtis. This is our third time to visit the church but our first time to go inside. So, here are favorite instagram-worthy spots in this iconic church.

1.) The Church Door

2.) Arch passage

3.) Mama Mary’s statue

She is one of the most beautiful Mama Mary statue that we have met.

4.) Chairs

As we have visited during the COVID pandemic, the chairs have caution tapes. It gave us a different vibe (e.g. are we worthy of sitting these holy chairs, etc)

5.) Old-Colorful-Historic Floorings

6.) Huge Outdoor Altar

7.) Church’s garden

8.) Church’s Aisle

9.) Church’s Front Outdoor View


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