2 Top Stars in BAKA NAMAN Restaurant, Metro Manila, Philippines

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‘Baka Naman’, more well known as a filipino millennial term when asking a favor, now literally translated back to its original use- ‘This Time, Beef!’

Baka Naman is a new food business venture of the Millennial Attorney Chef- Kat Contacto. And perhaps the birth place of new poetical ‘hugots’ such as- Kung sawa ka na sa de lata, mag Baka ka naman; Di lang pampamilya, pang inuman pa; Sauce pa lang, ulam na; Masarap kahit walang magic sarap!

Her menu currently features top 2 filipino dishes which is getting good reviews online. In the coming weeks, she plans to add more Filipino Beef Dishes on her menu. You can get your orders by contacting their Facebook Page: Baka Naman or Instagram Page: @baka_naman

1.) Super Tender and Cheesy Beef Caldereta for only 250 php

2.) Really Tender and Succulent Beef Adobo for only 250php

We even ate adobo without reheating. It still tastes very good.

Here are some of the reviews we have gathered from social media:

‘Ordered 2 batches of Kat’s Beef Adobo for dinner. When I heated this up, I accidentally charred some parts. Even with the overcooking, though, it actually made the dish more interesting! The adobo is just right. It is a blend of soft, melt-in-your mouth beef, mixed with a generous amount of garlic, and a balanced mix of spices. It’s not too greasy, so, hindi nakakaumay. Kat’s adobo is so good, no matter what you do with it. You can serve this in so many ways: you could eat it as a rice topping, as a salad wrap, or as a topping on top of Fita. I hope she creates some sort of spread variant of her recipe.’ – Reamur Adaza David

‘Napakalambot ng meat, tamang tama ang lasa sobrang lakas sa kanin!’– Ilet Pe

‘Sobrang lambot and well spiced! Yung dalwang regular kanin ko naging tatlo bigla..’– Fred Castro

‘The best midnight snack! Thank you!’– Alden Richards

‘Guaranteed no extenders, no preservatives, and definitely no msg’- Kat

‘Mabilis. Mabilis ubusin sa sarap! Goes well with Chilli-garlic pag preferred mo na spicy. Highly recommended.’– Zee Javier

‘It’s sooooo good! The meat just melts, and the spices, perfectly balanced. Yummy yum!’ – Yi De Guzman

For her upcoming menu list, feel free to comment below your suggestions. For ours, We wish she will consider Beef Kulma of Zamboanga too! For now, You can get your orders of either Beef Adobo or Beef Caldereta by contacting their Facebook Page: Baka Naman or Instagram Page: @baka_naman

We are also now trying vlogging. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe on our videos. In this video, we tried out some of the BAKA NAMAN’s poetical hugots and added some clips on how we appreciated the food. Here are 8 of our findings: First, it is really Masarap. Second, I craved for more rice than my normal diet. Third, you’ll be more creative. Who would have thought we still have pita bread which can substitute for rice? Fourth, Mapapasubo ka ng madalas. Fifth, really good for Baka lovers. Sixth, more flavorful. Seventh, medyo magiging greedy ka ng very light pag pa-ubos na. Eight, magagamit mo charms mo.

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