Cultural Finds in the Streets of Zamboanga City, Philippines

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       Although I was scared on possible bombings in the streets of Zamboanga City because of alarming news stories I have learned since I was a kid, I adventurously  roamed around the city.  Here are my 4 Cultural Finds in the streets of Zamboanga City!

1.) Chewing of Nga Nga (Areca Nut and Betel Leaf)

Nga nga chewing has been an ancient tradition. I was surprised that I still found it in the markets of Zamboanga city.



2.) They are crazy about Flower Horns

       Most Zamboanga City citizens breed these Flower Horn species, distinctively known for their protruding tumor-like heads. There was even a contest I witnessed in KCC de Zamboanga Mall, ‘Palakihan ng Bukol’ where the Flower Horn winner should have the biggest ‘tumor’ against all the fishes.



3.) Balut stalls at night 

         You may chance to see this kind of setting every other 15minutes walking around the streets of Zamboanga City at night. Normally, the seller would be a young lad who can serve you balut and buko juice.




A favorite dish in the city. It is a combination of rice, chicken meat grilled through charcoal, topped with sweet and spicy sauce.

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