8 Interesting Finds in Elpidio Quirino Museum

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      Our first stop in our Vigan traventure was my first ever museum about a President. There is no entrance fee and it is just walking distance from the Ilocos Sur Capital where the bus dropped us off. Here are our 8 Interesting Finds in Elpidio Quirino Museum!

1.) Portrait of Alicia Syquia (by Fernando Amorsolo)

      The President’s wife could have represented the country well with her beauty and charms. She has this chinese-mestiza sophisticated look telling you to ‘behave!’



2.) Portrait of Elpidio Quirino (by Fernando Amorsolo)

      Apart from his intelligence, he seems very good looking at the age of 60. He could have had many wives if he was born in the promiscuous age of the Filipino millennials. Good thing he was not.



3.) His Walking Sticks Collection

      Why can’t he just maintain one walking stick? Perhaps climate change that time is not an issue. Thus, it is ok to cut trees for such walking sticks. Did you know that the Philippines is one of the top 3 vulnerable countries because of climate change? We only produce less than 1% of carbon emissions but we are the most affected because of our geographical location. I say no to walking wood sticks collection today!



4.) His Hat Collection

      These are hot vintage hat collections. I would love to have preserved my graduation hat like his. Look into the middle section. There it is.



5.) His Shoe Collection

      I prefer the crocodile vintage leather shoes in the lower-most left corner. I wonder how much would these be for auction!



6.) Carve Crest in Traditional Chinese Style

        The gift of President Chiang Kai Shek to Quirino during the occasion of the Baguio Conference of 1950. The 1950 Baguio Conference was called by Philippine President in the hope of establishing an Asian regional organization. Australia, Ceylon, India, Pakistan and Thailand participated in the conference held at  the Mansion House, Baguio City from May 26 to 30, 1950. Although an organization was not created, the conference ended with agreement on joint action for the region. Going back to the crest, this item could be auctioned for a million dollars now.



7.) Silver Coffee and Tea Set

This silver set, consisting of a coffee pot, tea pot, milk creamer,sugar bowl, and tongs bear the monogram of President Quirino, the initials “EQ”.  President Quirino could have loved luxurious living.



8.) His Bed

        Although this seems a comfortable bed, I wonder if President Quirino sleeps well despite of the problems a Philippine President faces.



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