4 To Dos on a UP Ayala Technohub Staycation

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    We are doing some final retouch on our final papers which are due for tomorrow. We would want to have some fun distractions on the side just in case we get burned out on our laptops from time to time. Thus, we decided to check-in again and do what we love to do outside our dorm but still inside the city— Staycation!

Here are the four things in our minds:

1.) Watch UP Lantern Parade 

     Microtel by Wyndham  is very near to the University of the Philippines-Diliman. Every second week of December, the university holds their annual lantern parade with artworks depicting the changing social political landscape of the university and the country.

2.) Sleep on a Chiropractic Bed 

After hours of rounding your back, typing in front of your laptops, your body deserves a chiropractic bed!

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3.) Watch the sunset and sunrise!

       If you have been following us on our blog, instagram, twitter, or Facebook, you would know that we always love to check the sunset or sunrise in a place. You can always use google for the sunset/sunrise time in an area. Watching the sunset in this hotel is so far the best here in Quezon City.

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4.) Stress-eating!

     Some people are stressed when beating the deadline. One way to relieve stress is food. We ordered pizza for lunch. For dinner, we walked a bit and ate in a mediterranean restaurant (which for us is the best branch because of the UP Ayala technohub ambiance.


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