4 Must Try Fast Foods in Australia

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       On my visit to Australia, I thought it would be cool to try its fast foods. I had tried at least four fast food restaurants during my travels from Melbourne to Canberra to Sydney. I tried these restaurants because I see more people eating or carrying those brands as take-aways. Here are the 4 Must Try Fast Foods in Australia!

1.) McDonalds 

       They call it Macca! For 5.6 AU dollars about 68% price higher than in the Philippines, I tried my favourite chicken nuggets although this time without rice. They do not serve rice in any Macca here.



2.) Hungry Jacks

          They call Burger King here as Hungry Jacks! For 6 AU dollars, almost half day wage of a regular worker in the Philippines, I tried their cheesy fries. I could have tried it with their burger but it is already equivalent to a whole day wage of a regular worker in the Philippines.



3.) Subway

       My first time to eat in Subway is in Canberra, Australia. I was very hungry that time so decided to grab the 13 dollars price of a sandwich. They have a lot of healthy choices (leaves, tomatoes, etc) to be puffed to your sandwich.



4.) Lord of the Fries 

        On my last night in Sydney, I tried the fast food uniquely born from Australia! I first saw one stall in Melbourne’s busiest train station – Flinder’s Street but I was on a hurry that time. I tried their new products recommended by their staffs- Pizza Fries  (composed of classic fries with pizza sauce, pineapple, ham and cheese) and Buffalo Chick’N Slaw (composed of buffalo sauced chicken with coleslaw, bacon, cheese, lettuce and mayo)



       Special thanks to Ms. Bianca Cowie who made our Lord of the Fries experience hassle free. We are very grateful for your trust to social media influencers like Travellingpeoples.





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