5 To Dos for another Meranti Staycation

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     We could have booked a different hotel to feature in our weekly blog– but we cannot move on yet from our Meranti Hotel staycation few months ago.

    We miss the extraordinary relaxing bed with its Egyptian linens, it’s polite and cute staffs (especially to the receptionist named Rachel), welcoming ambience, and its pool! So instead of moving on, we decided to stay again in Meranti Hotel bringing along with us our mom and siblings.

There were some activities we failed to do last time and we are giving it this time a shot:

1.) Go to the Top floor at night

Quezon City night may not inspire you of too many lights and high rise buildings but there is beauty in the simplicity of this city!

2.) Bond on a Rainy day at the pool

It was windy and rainy the first day we checked in but we still enjoyed the ambience of the pool.

3.) Do the Zumba

We rented two connecting rooms which are very spacious to serve as our dance floor with the mirrors nearly adjacent to the big screen TV as we played some MTVs.

4.) Eat out to a nearby food park 

Two corners away from the hotel is CommunEATy food park. There are a lot of choices from Japanese, Italian, American, and Mexican foods. You can also order beer!

5.) Do again the Swimming pool mirror shot

We took a lot of shots to perfect our poses with this wonderful pool wall glass.  We can have another excuse of visiting again this hotel as we haven’t perfected yet our selfies. We will try again next time!


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