4 Finds in La Libertad, Negros Oriental

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When someone invited you to visit her town, should you think twice? I say No. Accept the offer and be adventurous- especially if the name of the town is ‘La Libertad’ which means ‘The Freedom’. We all want to be free!

Here are our 4 finds in this sleepy but majestic town!

1.) The Host’s Ancestral House

Try to know your host’s history. It doesn’t mean that you are being nosy but means you want to know her more as a friend. We were impressed that our host’s family is one of the famous in the town. Their ancestral home has survived world war II and has been the house of mayors in this town. In fact, the elementary school built in front of their house was named from her grandfather’s.




2.) Turning Cacao to Chocolate Tablea

Locals here are not fan of instant coffee or instant chocolate powder which sometimes give you cancer (because of the chemicals used). They all have the patience on growing cacao in their backyards, wait time for it to ripe and be turned to chocolate tablea. Our host taught us how to make our very own chocolates!






3.) La Limar Resort

Few meters away from their house is La Limar resort. Again, this has been underrated. Let the pictures speak for their selves. Hopefully, more people will visit this place.



4.) Lake Mabinay

A few kilometres away in La Libertad is Lake Mabinay. This is just very majestic.




We are very thankful to the host! We hope we can go back to La Libertad soon!



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