Top 10 Cafes/ Restaurants in Baguio City, Benguet Province, Philippines

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On our last visit to Baguio, we collated interesting cafes/ restaurants we have visited in that city. Below are our Top 10 Cafes/ Restaurants (in no particular order) in Baguio City, Benguet Province, Philippines.

1.) Kumpares Baguio City

My wife loves Pares so a visit in Baguio City without trying their Pares is a no-no. Near our hotel is Kumpares Baguio City. They are also available through food panda just in case you want your food delivered.

Location: No. 1 Leonard Wood, 2nd floor, Potenciano Building, Baguio City, Philippines


Contact Number: 09271440950

2.) Vanilla Cafe at Kamiseta Hotel

3.) Tam-Awan Village Cafe

4.) Cafe Sabel at BenCab Museum

5.) Cafe by the Ruins

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6.) Terminal Resto/ Cafe

7.) Good Taste Cafe & Restaurant

8.) Highland Brew

9.) 50’s Diner

10.) Eat’s Johnny


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