Top 10 Things Entrepreneurs Would Love About Draper Startup House Manila

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Draper Startup House is an entrepreneur-centric accommodation located in the Silicon Valley of the Philippines- Poblacion, Makati. Last February and this August, we had the privilege of experiencing entrepreneurial tourism with their community, networking events, startup programs and funding opportunities during our stay. As aspiring entrepreneurs, my wife and I came up to a creative list that we think entrepreneurs would just love about Draper Startup House Manila. If you are not yet a businessman though, don’t worry. This might just inspire you. Draper Startup House will still welcome you with open arms.

Here are the Top 10 Things Entrepreneurs Would Love About Draper Startup House Manila!

1.) Nice Staffs

One of the things we are looking forward when booking an accommodation are their staffs too. Are they nice, customer-centric, etc? I am happy to meet Elmer, Ken Yves, Rizaldie, Sheenam, Ronel, Ara and Celine. (swipe below picture for more photos)

2.) A Variety of Modern, Clean and Comfortable Accommodations

The building gathers a perfect ecosystem for every entrepreneur (from Class A to Class C). Depending on the guests’ needs, they can offer you either their unique rooms, superior deluxe rooms, or community rooms.

A. Unique Room

(swipe below picture for more photos)

B. Superior Deluxe Room

(swipe below picture for more photos)

C. Community Room

(swipe below picture for more photos)

3.) A Space for Networking

DSH provides you with the best opportunity to explore, engage, and connect with people who are creating the future, including yourself. (swipe below picture for more photos)

4.) Co-working space

Trivia: NAS Daily Team booked Draper Startup House Manila just few weeks ago as their co-working space for a couple of days. (swipe below picture for more photos)

5.) Interesting Food Choices

There are many interesting cafes and restaurants nearby which you can visit or call for food delivery. They have ‘Cosmic’ which offers delicious vegan menu, Hungry Nomad Kitchen, Chinese Beef Noodles House, Joong Hwa Ban Jeom, Krapow, Raymen Noynoy, Jumong, etc. (swipe below picture for more photos)

6.) You can pay for bitcoins/ etherium

There are only a very few selected establishments who are now accepting bitcoins/ etherium as a legit payment. Good thing I have found Draper Startup House Manila!

7.) It is located in an area well-known for new hip bars.

The unique perks along with Poblacion’s creative vibes will entice you to extend your stay in this urban hub. Most well-known hip bars are just within 5minutes walk radius from Draper Startup House Manila. To mention a few interesting bars we have checked out are Filling Station Diner, Futurist, Run Rabbit Run, and Mijo. (swipe below picture for more photos)

8.) Breathtaking Views

Enjoy breathtaking views from the balcony. The wonderful hues of the nearby buildings just emit a nice blend with the BGC skyline. (swipe below picture for more photos)

9.) Offer Meeting Rooms/ Office spaces for Startups

With their goal of enabling #1MEntrepreneurs by 2030, Draper Startup House Manila will be participating at Ronin’s RISE Program! They will provide support to the participating startups with access to their co-working space, Draper Entrepreneurial Network, and Ventures Fund. You can rent meeting rooms and office spaces at an affordable rate.

10.) Free Seminars Related to Business

They provide free seminars related to business. Even the founder, Cristian Munoz, provides some lectures for free. So far, I have watched on their facebook page these lectures: Introduction to Cryptocurrency, Bootstrapping, Launching & Scaling your Virtual Food Venture and Strategies to Manage Business Loss during the Pandemic.

If you are interested to book Draper Startup House Manila, here are some of the contact information you may need to know.

Draper Startup House Manila

Location: 5048 P. Burgos Street, Poblacion, Makati, Philippines



Whatsapp: +639458309360

Instagram: @dshmanila

Facebook: Draper Startup House Manila

You may also watch below vlogs to prepare for your stay in Draper Startup House Manila.


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