Top 6 Things To Do in Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines

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Visiting Alfonso is becoming more popular nowadays because of its proximity to Tagaytay City. The town has a cool weather like Tagaytay. Here are our top things to do in Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines! This list may go longer as we update this blog from time to time.

1.) Staycation

Alfonso is part of the so-called Metro Tagaytay getaways where interesting hotels for relaxation and meditation are found. Our top favorites are The Oriental Luxury Suites Tagaytay and Sonya’s Garden. Read our blog here. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

2.) Tour around Sustainable Farms

With the nice climate of Alfonso, many farms have continued and promoted sustainable farming. Most of them offer tours around their lands. One of our favorites is Sonya’s Garden. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

3.) Gastronomic Trip

Last weekend, when my family and friends were stuck along the long queue of cars searching for a parking space from the usual Tagaytay City restaurants, we thought —Why not go to the less explored top restaurants near Tagaytay City? Read our blog here. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

4.) Chat over Good Coffee

You can enjoy coffee everywhere but to enjoy it in a nice ambience makes your experience more authentically beautiful. Alfonso can offer you that. Read our blog here. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

5.) Celebrate Important Milestones

Alfonso has been a go-to of big events such as weddings, birthdays, name it. Some of the establishments offering such events are The Oriental Luxury Suites Tagaytay, Marcia Adams’ Restaurant, Hillcreek Gardens, Mariel’s Garden, Winfarm, Camp Benjamin, GHouse Alfonso, and Abagatan ti Manila.

6.) Contribute on Preserving their Local Churches

Most residents value so much the Christian faith. Some of the churches built here were through the funding of private citizens. One of the churches we have visited is the St. Joseph Parish. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

Trivia about Alfonso, Cavite: The town of Alfonso in Cavite, Philippines was named after King Alfonso XII of Spain, which co-incidentally emanates one of the King’s characteristics- revolutionary. In the 18th century, Alfonso became one of the major centers of revolutionary activities for Philippine independence.

You may also watch our vlogs about Alfonso, Cavite. Just navigate the subtitle option on our youtube channel for better understanding.


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