Top 10 Things To Do in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines

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    We have experienced the beauty and ugliness of Puerto Princesa City in various occasions. Our first time was in year 2014 as a young couple looking for adventures. Our second time was just few weeks ago as a married couple celebrating our Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary turned to a Stranded Tourist Survivor episode due to Typhoon Odette (internationally known as Rai).

 Puerto Princesa has been acclaimed several times as the cleanest and greenest city located in an island province named Palawan which has been voted as the best island in the world. There can be a lot of interesting things to do in this city so here is our Top 10 Things To Do if you are just staying for few days.

1.) Visit Puerto Princesa Subterranean National Park

     The Puerto Princesa Subterranean National Park is part of the New7Wonders and UNESCO World Heritage sites list. You would need a permit from the Municipal office before going to the park. Once you have a permit, you need to rent a van and a boat to reach your destination. Before going to the park, Liezel and I conceptualized our outfits for the photo op. Me as a pirate, She as a fairy.

2.) Food trip

We have tried a variety of cafes and restaurants such as Pho Saigon, Costa Palawan Restaurant, Imas Vegetarian Restaurant, Bo’s Coffee, McCoy’s Pizza House (brick oven pizza), Palawan Cafe, and House of Thai by Mackies. We are looking forward to try more unique restaurants. Read our blog here.

3.) Do Hotel Staycations

As Palawan as a whole is a haven for tourists, expect a lot of nice hotels in Puerto Princesa City too. As per experience, doing a staycation in their hotels is so fun. So far, we have been in a Garden inn (Balay Tuko), Pool resort (Aziza Paradise Hotel), and beach resort (Costa Palawan). Read our seperate blog for hotels we already stayed in Puerto Princesa here.

4.) Beach Hopping

Although we are not fond of beach hopping, here are the beaches you can visit near Puerto Princesa City: Sabang beach, Babuyan Twin Sandbar (Brgy. Babuyan, Puerto Princesa City), Honda Bay (Brgy. Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City).

Above picture is BM Beach which is just near our resort. We do not recommend visiting BM beach. It is not that beautiful.

5.) Watch the sunset in Puerto Princesa Baywalk


6) Visit the Crocodile Farm

    Above photo is the skin of the largest recorded crocodile in Luzon. According to our guide, ‘the crocodile died because of stress!’ The visit has been an eye-opener that stress really kills.

7.) Ghost Hunting in Plaza Cuartel

On this site, once a military base during the Second World War, some 150 American soldiers were burned to death by Japanese soldiers. A few survivors swam to Ihawig. The remains of those who died were brought and interred in a common grave at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis County, Missouri, United States of America in 1952.

8.) Pray at Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

The cathedral was no longer painted in lovely pastel blue. During our stranded days, Typhoon Odette has disrupted the internet connection, electricity and water supply of Palawan. We have frequented the cathedral to pray for our immediate flight to Manila.

9.) Shop in their malls

You won’t be bored shopping in their malls. Their three largest malls are Robinsons Place Palawan, SM Puerto Princesa, and NCCC Mall Palawan. Read our blog here.

10.) Other Things To Do

  • Visit Baker’s Hill
  • Visit Mitra’s Ranch
  • Visit Palawan Tribal Village and Butterfly Farm
  • Bathe in Olangoan Falls (located in Brgy. Biduyan, Puerto Princesa City)
  • Go to Salakot Falls (located in Brgy. Napsan, Puerto Princesa City)
  • Trek the Sabang Jungle Trail (located in Brgy. Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa City)
  • Dine in San Carlos River Cruise (located in Brgy. Bacungan, Puerto Princesa City)
  • Visiit the Ugong Rock (located in Brgy. Tagabinet, Puerto Princesa City)
  • Visit Sabang Falls (located in Brgy. Cabayugan, Puerto Princesa City)
  • Palawan Ecological Adventure Trail (located in Brgy. Irawan, Puerto Princesa City)
  • Drive through Acacia Tree Canopy Tunnel (Brgy, Inagawan, Puerto Princesa City)

Stranded Days in Puerto Princesa due to Typhoon Odette (internationally known as Rai)


  1. Beware of the sandflies on the beach near the underground river; it felt like being eaten alive 😀
    And in Puerto Princesa you can book a boat tour to the sand banks and fish farms in the bay.

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