8 Must-Knows in NAIA Terminal 3, Pasay City, Philippines

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      I had my inspiration writing this post after I overheard one Australian visitor asking his plane seatmate where to go/ what to do once landed in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3.  I checked google and there is not much information about it. Thus,  here are the 8 Must-Knows  in NAIA Terminal 3.

1.) We are now starting to have E-gates

         Let me boast that we are now really a developing country. The E-gates would efficiently improve the airport’s security capability through additional security checks, facial recognition, biometric scanning, bar code reader and smart card recognition. It will also cut the processing time of travellers to only 8 to 15 seconds from the previous 45 seconds. Let me know your feedback after trying our E-gates. Mabuhay!


2.) Buy your simcards in the airport

      Buying a sim is advisable. Unlike other countries who have free wifi on public places, you have to bring your own internet in the Philippines. Globe and Smart Telecoms have booths in the arrival area. They offer internet packages depending on how long you are staying. It would normally cost you around 10 to 20 US dollars.


3.) Exchange your money in the airport 

     There are some bogus foreign exchange outlets around Manila. For security issues, you may change your money in foreign exchange outlets in the airport which are accredited by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Fifteen of the sure currencies you can exchange there are US dollars, UK pounds, AU dollars, Japanese yen, Chinese Renminbi, Canadian Dollars, Euro, Singaporean dollars, Malaysian Ringit, Indonesian Rupiah, Vietnam Dong, New Taiwan Dollar, Korean Won, Saudi riyal, and Kuwaiti Dinar.


4.) Do not ride on white taxis on queue

     Although the big signage says that it is a FIXED RATE coupon taxi, well conditioned, and metered by Land Transportation Regulatory Bard (LTRFB), this is not true. Most of the drivers will always haggle with the price once you get in. If you are a first timer, they even charge four times the regular price of the meter, reasoning that it is heavy traffic in Manila.


5.) You may try the airport taxi 

       Although you will see first white taxis once you get out of the arrival area, you can turn right and walk around 5 minutes to reach the queues for the genuine airport taxis. They are coloured yellow and offer premium and honest service to its passengers. The charge is only twice the LTFRB rate.


6.) Or try the Premium Airport Bus

The bus has a strategic non-stop route to some top tourist destinations in Metro Manila where hotels are located- Mall of Asia, Makati, and Cubao. The cost is only 100php or 2 US dollars. You may visit this site for their route and departure schedules: http://www.ubeexpress.com


7.) When hungry, there are a variety of restaurants available in NAIA Terminal 3 

8.) When sleepy, there are also capsul hotels or sleeping lounges inside NAIA Terminal 3


  1. Glad you shared it. Yes. Our airport is improving. I experienced the e gate when we arrived from Taiwan last Dec. 2. It was fast compared with the old system.

  2. great to know ! thanks!
    it would really help me one day if i plan to visit the Philippines, because i have heard a lot about taxi overcharging in Manila!

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