12 Must-Knows in Star City, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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I have a glimpse of fun memories of my childhood being in Star City. This amusement park was opened during my toddler years. Then when I was 4 to 5 years old, I often visit the park for kids’ rides. After the fire accident and then years of reconstruction, Star City is now back to business. Last week, we explored it as a family. Here are the 12 Must-Knows in the new Star City!

1.) Park Schedule

The amusement park opens at 12 noon then closes at 8pm. This is a must know if you do not want to be like us who arrived 2 hours earlier than the opening time.

2.) It can always be a long line during opening time

3.) Be prepared to your OOTDs

The park is often visited by fashionable people. Please see below pictures (swipe left for more photos) to understand why you need to be prepared for your Outfit of the Day (OOTD).

4.) Current Ticket Price is at 400php

Current Ticket Price is at 400php. Please swipe below photo for more pictures.

5.) Polite Staffs

6.) There is a special talent showcase at 12NN

Before the park officially opens at 12NN, most of the staffs will give you an amazing dance performance.

7.) You have to scan your ticket to enter

8.) Bomb check

The security personnel will check your belongings. If you look like a terrorist or someone suspicious, they may take time checking your belongings.

9.) You can use a locker

You can pay for a locker space if you have a lot of things. For example, you may not enjoy the fun rides if every time you ride, you handle your suitcase with you, etc.

10.) Restroom can be queuing on the front part of the park

Once people enter the park, they normally use the restroom first. That can cause a long queue. Be reminded that there are a lot of toilets in the amusement park apart from the restroom near the Entrance area.

11.) There is a clinic

My siblings had stomach problem while in Star City. Good thing they have a first aid clinic.

12.) There are many nice rides

Swipe below photo for more pictures. We tried the Grand Carousel, Giant Star Wheel, Star Flyer, Star Frisbee, Wacky Worm, Surf Dance, Bumper Cars, Jumping Star, etc.

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