5 Things To Do in La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines

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La Trinidad is the neighboring town of one of the most visited city by tourists in the Philippines- Baguio City. Because of that, some of La Trinidad’s tourist spots were normally mistakenly identified as Baguio’s. It is time to demystify that through this blog. Here are our 5 Things To Do in La Trinidad, Benguet, Philippines!

1.) Make Valley of Colors (STOBOSA) your profile background

This Valley of Colors in STOBOSA (short for Stonehill Botiwtiw Sadjap Homeowners Association) is flocked by tourists due to its similarity to the Favela of Brazil. It is as if you have already visited Brazil!

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2.) Meditate at Bell Church

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3.) Explore Strawberry Farm

La Trinidad is dubbed as the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines. You have various farms to choose your strawberry picking experience. When we did a commute to La Trinidad, the jeepney driver just dropped us off to a street where we can choose a lot of strawberry farms. If you want to have lesser cost, choose the farther strawberry farm from the highway.

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4.) Engage with Locals

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5.) Food Trip

Read our La Trinidad Food Trip blog here.

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Other Pictures in La Trinidad, Benguet:

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How to go to La Trinidad: From Baguio City, ask the taxi driver to take you to the terminal of jeepneys going to La Trinidad. The terminal is just near Magsaysay Road.

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