8 Must Knows For Your Transit From Manila to Discovery Shores Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines

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With the start of the 2022 Chinese New Year of the Tiger, my aunt’s family invited me to join them in Discovery Shores Boracay. Roar! Here are the 8 Must Knows for your transit from Manila to Discovery Shores Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines!

1.) Less than an hour plane ride

A plane ride from Manila to Boracay should be less than an hour. Note: When booking your flight and accommodation, make sure you check current requirements for travel. Before our trip, we all submitted to PCR tests. Few days after though, the Municipality of Malay no longer required PCR tests for visiting tourists.

2.) Boracay Airport

Arriving in Boracay Airport (previously known as Caticlan Airport), you have to present the currently existing required documents (e.g. vaccination cards, ID, etc). Not fulfilling these requirements may drag you back to Manila.

3.) The Discovery Shores Boracay bracelet

After getting your clearance to enter the island, the Discovery Shores Boracay attendants will welcome you in the arrival lobby. They will put these bracelets on you. It serves as a marker that you are a Discovery Shores Boracay guest.

4.) Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal

If you are a Discovery Shores Boracay guest, you don’t need to get stressed on queuing up for lanes on boat ride clearance, environmental fee payments, etc. The Discovery Shores Boracay Hotel staffs will do that for you. You just have to wait for your Discovery Shores Boracay boat.

5.) Discovery Shores Boracay Boat

The Discovery Shores Boracay boat is one of the newest, classiest, most efficient high-speed boat in Malay.

6.) VIP Van

As a Discovery Shores Boracay guest, you will have the honor to ride this VIP Van.

7.) Thermal Scanner

Before they allow you to check in, you have to thermal scan yourself. If your body temperature is more than 37 Celsius, you may not enter the hotel premises.

8.) Discovery Shores is Your Next Paradise.


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