Top 11 Things We Love About Hotel 1925, Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

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The family that owns Hotel 1925, a 16-room boutique hotel, conceptualized the hotel with their love for their father as the guidepost. The patriarch of the family, in lighter moments when he was still alive, requested that his children build him a statue as a memorial. What better way to preserve his memory than by building Hotel 1925, a monument of love dedicated to a loved one who was born in the year 1925?

1.) Employees

2.) Interior Design

3.) Memorabilia of Sir Rufino

4.) Balcony

5.) View of Mt. Malarayat

6.) Remote Work/ Fast Internet

7.) Il Capo

8.) Complimentary Treats

9.) Dursi Pizza

10.) Imprenta Modern Filipino Cuisine

11.) Spacious King Suite

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