14 Things to know when visiting VFS UK Visa Application Center in Ecoplaza Building, Makati City, Philippines

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We recently processed our UK Visa so I think it is worthy to share some of the things that you should know when in the VFS UK Visa Application Center. If you are a UK Visa Applicant like us, here are the 14 things to know when visiting the VFS UK Visa Application Center in Metro Manila.

1.) VFS UK Visa Application Center is in Ecoplaza

There are many VFS Centers around the Philippines catering to various types of visa for New Zealand, France, Poland, Australia, Netherlands, etcetera. For your UK Visa Application in Metro Manila, the VFS Application Center is located in Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building, 2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1231.

2.) Your things will be checked before entering

3.) Most importantly, you can only enter if you have the appointment confirmation

If you only have a digital copy, you can still enter the establishment but you have to print it before your scheduled appointment. VFS Center has printing service you can avail just in case you no longer want to go outside the Ecoplaza.

4.) Other than a pen, wallet, phone and your documents, the rest of your things should be deposited in the locker area

5.) Locker Usage Fee is 75php

6.) You will fill up below form while waiting in front of the VFS lobby

6.) The VFS lobby looks like below picture

7.) The VFS staff will let you know once you can enter the VFS UK Visa Application Center

Normally, they will only allow you to enter if there are already less people inside.

8.) First queue is Documents Verification

In this queue, the VFS staff will check your documents. After checking your documents, the VFS staff will give your UK Visa Submission Number.

9.) Second Queue is the collection of your passport, possible additional payments, and short interview about your application

10.) Third Queue is Biometrics Enrolment

11.) After Biometrics Enrolment, you can already go home. You can exit through the fire exit.

12.) You can either go down using the elevator

13.) or you can use the stairs

14.) UK Visa Result is normally around 15 calendar days

The verdict, soon…

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