8 Things To Do in San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines

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We have been in San Pablo a couple of times but we only admired the city when we were toured by its local couple, Mark and Mai. It is a nice experience hearing what San Pablo has to offer through their perspectives. The first three items include some of their personal stories while the rest of the list displays our other interests as strangers of San Pablo. Here are the 8 Things To Do in San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines!

1.) Pray at the Cathedral Parish of Saint Paul The First Hermit

We first paid respect to the patron saint of the city by visiting the Cathedral Parish of Saint Paul The First Hermit, a 16th century architecture. We haven’t met Mark and Mai at this time but it is sentimental to find out that this church actually share their love story.

2.) Circumnavigate Sampaloc Lake

We had a 360 view of Sampaloc Lake with the help of Mark and Mai. Most locals, including them, date or exercise around the lake’s vicinity. It is the largest of the Seven Lakes of San Pablo. We were supposed to visit other lakes but swab tests are required due to the pandemic. The other lakes are Lake Bunot, Lake Calibato, Lake Yambo, Lake Pandin, Lake Palakpakin and Lake Muhikap.

3.) Lunch at Suki Restaurant

The menu of Suki looks interesting so we messaged them if they can accommodate us for lunch. They offer Japanese food fused with San Pablo’s culture. For instance, they have the famous Crazy Tilapia Maki. It is a Maki which incorporates the local produce of San Pablo, the tilapia. We had a nice dining and learning experience!

For more details, here is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SUKI-Restaurant-172310446252380

4.) Staycation at Angela’s Resort and Leisure Farm

Angela’s is a newly-opened family resort and leisure farm in San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines. It is a new modern attraction that San Pablo can offer to its citizens and visitors. Read our staycation experience here: https://travellingpeoples.com/2021/07/26/9-things-to-do-while-in-angelas-resort-and-leisure-farm-san-pablo-city-laguna-philippines/

5.) Art Experience at Casa San Pablo

Casa San Pablo is owned by an art advocate who believes on the healing power of art. Her café and room accommodations are decorated by stories through art. She also has a workshop for kids which touches their creative sense and keep them sane from the pandemic and mobile legends.

6.) Process your business/government needs

Almost all banks are lined-up in just one avenue while insurance companies (e.g. Sunlife), Pag-ibig, SSS, DFA are just a tricycle away.

7.) More Food Trips

San Pablo has a diversity of creative and authentic restaurants. As a West Asian major, I am happy to find out that San Pablo also offers Persian Cuisine through Behrouz San Pablo branch. It is just beside SM San Pablo. We have also tried Sulyap Restaurant and Casa San Pablo (swipe left for more pictures). Hopefully, we can try more than 15 restaurants so we can list our top 10.

8.) Shop in SM San Pablo

Coming from Santa Cruz which does not have a shopping mall yet as big as SM San Pablo, we are really delighted to shop at SM! Apart from shopping, we have collected some of our Starbucks stickers in this place. We had our iphone7 plus repaired. We had a haircut in David’s Salon. We have watched movies in their Cinema house. And we have pampered ourselves in Bioessence.

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