6 Things To Do in Calauan, Laguna, Philippines

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Calauan was originally part of the town of Bay, Laguna. From being a farm land of the century old money-rich Ayala family, it was divided and sold to its tenants in 1939. Many tourists enjoy the town’s moderate to cool temperature. Here are the 6 Things To Do in Calauan, Laguna, Philippines!

1.) Get a selfie with the Big Pineapple in the Plaza

Pineapples are one of their pride. Every May, they celebrate the Pineapple festival. They are tagged as the Home of the Sweet Laguna Pineapple. During harvest season, you can buy in almost every corner either pineapple fruits or one of the best fresh pineapple juice we have tried in our lifetime.

In the town plaza, apart from getting a selfie with this uniquely big pineapple structure, you can also rest under the shade and fragrance of the Kalachuchi tree.

2.) Do a Buy and Sell Pineapple Business

If you are looking for a business opportunity, you can resell their pineapples to your town.

3.) Pray at San Isidro Labrador Catholic Church

As Calauan was originally inhabited mostly by farmers, their patron saint is the patron saint of farmers- San Isidro Labrador (known in english as Isidore the Laborer).

4.) Kawa Bath and Garden Tour in Anew Ville Garden

Anew Ville Garden is one of the newest attractions of Calauan, Laguna. They offer garden tours, prenuptial shoots, glamping and kawa bath. For more details, you may contact them on their facebook page.

5.) Eat at Iskargu

6.) Eat at Isdaan Floating Restaurant

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