8 Things To Expect in Aziza Paradise Hotel, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines

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Aziza Paradise Hotel is a 3-star hotel located in BM Road, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines. Here are the 8 Things you can expect in Aziza Paradise Hotel.

1.) They can offer two queen-sized beds in one room

2.) You can get easy access to the pool

3.) Bath towels are colored brown

4.) Philippine Pangolin-inspired paper weight

They have a specialized paper weight in every room. It was inspired by the Philippine Pangolin which is endemic to Palawan, Philippines.

5.) There is a study table

6.) Pool is around 375 sqm and 5 feet deep

7.) Spacious Breakfast Area

As we are the only guests checked-in at that time, the hotel did not set up a breakfast buffet. That was very understandable. We had a plated meal- corned beef, egg, and banana.

8.) It can be a venue for your upcoming wedding

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