5 Hotels of Resorts World Manila, Pasay City, Philippines

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After 10 years of its opening, it is only our first time to visit Resorts World Manila. Our hesitance was due to the perception that it is only for the rich people- that most people drive around through mercedes, bmw, or ferrari; that most walk around wearing high-end luxury items; that shopkeepers may devilishly just stare at you if you just window shop rather than buy their goods. Our perception that it is only for the rich kids was wrong.

Last week, while on a Hilton Manila stay, we spent some time passing over the connecting bridges of our hotel to other hotels, casinos, and shopping malls. That’s the time I realized why it is called Resorts World. It is Resorts World because it is an integrated complex of hotels, shoppings malls and casinos. In this blog, we are enlisting the 5 hotels located in Resorts World.

1.) Hilton Manila

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2.) Sheraton

3.) Holiday Inn

4.) Marriot

5.) Hotel Okura

Other Pictures Taken in Resorts World


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