16 Cafes/Restaurants in Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines

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Apart from visiting the famous Pagsanjan falls in this town, you can dive into the town’s bustling food culture. Along Rizal Street (considered as one of the major roads of Pagsanjan), many creative cafes/ restaurants line up. Technically, we only have just dined-in to the first seven items on our list. But since these cafes/ restaurants are just lined up, we took the opportunity of capturing how they look like so you can have a better plan on your next visit to Pagsanjan.

Here are the 16 Cafes/ Restaurants in Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines!

1.) Le Maison Yelo Lane

Le Maison Yelo Lane is our most favorite because of their rib eye and T-bone steak!

2.) Mucho De Nero Restaurant

3.) Taza Mia

4.) Terimah Kasih Restaurant

5.) Emin and Mila’s Canteen

6.) Aling Taleng’s Halo-Halo

7.) KiloMeatRaw

8.) Binalot Garden Resto

9.) Big Boy

10.) La Loca Resto Grill

11.) Tita Del’s Fiesta Cuisine

12.) Calle Arko

13.) Juan Mig’s

14.) Plaza Cafe

15.) Lolo Tuge’s

16.) Audy’s Chicharon and Crispy Pata

Note: We will be updating our list from time to time to make this article current. We will be including their facebook pages, locations, and best sellers on their menu.


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