11 Things To Do While Walking From Malate Church to the Famed ‘Dolomite Beach’ in Manila Bay

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1.) Pray at Malate Church

Built in 1588, it houses the statue of Our Lady of Remedies from Spain.

2.) Pay respect to Rajah Sulayman

He was the last great king of Manila after the Spanish colonization.

3.) Buy Paintings for as low as 50 USD

4.) Meet Ramon Del Fierro Magsaysay

He was the seventh President of the Philippines. Behind his statue is the Ramon Magsaysay Center which annually celebrates the memory and leadership example of the former Philippine president through the Magsaysay award which is given every year to individuals or organizations in Asia who manifest the same selfless service and transformative influence that ruled the life of the late and beloved Filipino leader.

5.) Rest on a Hammock

Some street dwellers set up a hammock on the city’s trees. Not sure if they can let you rent it for an hour to take a rest under the Manila summer.

6.) Meet President Jose P. Laurel

He was the President of the Second Philippine Republic.

7.) Meet Salvador ‘Doy’ Laurel

He could have been one of the Presidents of the Philippines but he trashed his ambition for the sake of the country. He led the commission for the disbandment of the evil dictatorship.

8.) Meet President Manuel Acuña Roxas

He was the fifth President of the Philippines.

9.) Meet Evelio Javier and Ninoy Aquino

Both of their assassinations were one of the causes of the People Power Revolution that overthrew Marcos.

10.) Have a glance of the controversial Dolomite Beach project

The best view would be on the pass over beside the US Embassy.

11.) Rest in Starbucks


  1. A fascinating post. I have taught a little about the Spanish colonization and the American occupation of the Philippines in my Latin American culture course at Northeastern University in Boston. This post is very helpful to me.

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