NatLiz Wedding- Love in the time of COVID 2020

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After 7 years, we decided to get married. I am happy that we are paying the event using our own money (not coming from Dad or Mom or from any other rich relatives). Unlike the typical couple who has the future husband shouldering all the costs, we decided to share the bill. Since we have been boyfriends and girlfriends, I already set expectations that our wedding should be simple. I travel a lot (which means I spend a lot on airplanes even on restaurants and hotels) but for anything else- simplicity is the best. Lesser operational costs, the better way to breathe… to live.

The wedding should be a mere ceremony simply telling our sincerity to be partners with the guidance of God. She argued with me by telling that she didn’t have her dream debut; she should have her dream wedding. As a resolution, she proposed to share the bill. Fine.

We are only few days behind our Big Day. I know we are not perfect. We quarrel (even on money). We shout at each other. We bash each other. We are sometimes fed off with each other. I got even worried when I consumed Eat, Pray, Love movie in Netflix where the protagonist decided to have a divorce with her husband. I got more worried when the protagonist’s name is same with my fiancee’s– LIZ.

So why are we getting married? Are we just timid to call it off after our realizations? Afraid to bring shame to ourselves, our relatives and friends? Or despite of everything, we chose to gamble?

Maybe we chose to gamble. We will try to accept each other’s flaws. We will try to be partners in building a family. If everything still fails, we will get an annulment. Yes, annulment. There is no divorce yet in the Philippines.

What did I like about her? First, she wanted to have a family like me. We both came from complicated family where father/mother is missing. It is our goal to build a nice family. We will name our children Natliz and Ziltan. Second, she is caring and supportive. She cares about my welfare. Third, I liked the fact that she is not the most beautiful girl in the world. As much as I love attention, I hate if other men glance at my wife. Fourth, she is an independent woman (that impresses me). Fifth, she is a business person. She loves making money. As a future politician whose attention maybe focused on public service, It would be nice to have a partner who can secure our finances, who will remind me that I should not give all the money I got to random people (who may be just taking advantage of my kindness). Sixth, she accepted me as who I am.

What did she like about me? First, she said I am her Hope. I led her to many possibilities. Second, she said I developed her to the best person that she can be. Third, I know her. (I’ll complete this paragraph ones she completed her writing).

1.) Wedding Preparations- Vendor, Venue, Ring Hunting

2.) Prenup shoot in Thailand

We planned to have many cultural pre-nuptial videos from different countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. We only completed Thailand because of lockdowns in various countries. I made my brother’s composition Dito Ka Lang as the background music for the video.

3.) Pre-nup shoot in a yacht facing Manila Bay

4.) Full Makeover Preparation for Our Wedding with the Help of Skin Benefits Dermatology Clinic

5.) Partnership with Riad Hans for our Wedding couture

6.) Some photos from our Thailand pre-nup shoot

7.) Wedding Video

8.) Church Wedding Photos

9.) Wedding Reception Photos (Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila)


  1. Congratulations. I hope you have a lovely day. From the photographs I am guessing that in the Philippines you do as the Thais do, i.e. have the wedding photos taken before the wedding, dressed in traditional dress etc.? My Thai friends all do this and those that have Chinese ancestry have to have two ceremonies as well, one to fit with the Chinese calendar (for luck) and the other to fit with business and friends. Makes for a long, long, day!

    1. Hi Maritravel, thank you! Apologies if I led you to misinterpretation. We is not actually customary to wear traditional costumes before Filipinos’ wedding day. The red dresses we were actually wearing are Thai costumes. Before the pandemic, we were thinking of trying out Japan, Indonesian, Arab and Chinese costumes but unfortunately only tried the Thai costumes because of the Covid lockdowns on most ports. Have a great day and We really appreciate your comment! ❤️❤️❤️

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