Our Top 10 Favorites in the Cucina Buffet of Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel Manila, Philippines

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       We celebrated our post-valentine date at the Cucina Buffet of Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel Manila (awarded the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star for the second consecutive year). The restaurant is located on the 24th floor giving you a romantic night ambience of Ortigas City. Interiors are dominated by impressive cosmic egg chandeliers and a wall commissioned by award-winning Filipino artist Jinggoy Buensuceso. Upon entrance, polite staffs will guide you to your reserved table. The buffet has an interactive open kitchen offering fresh, healthy, innovative Continental and Asian cuisines.

The wall behind us was commissioned by award-winning Filipino artist Jinggoy Buensuceso.

    Starting the buffet’s queue are well-known expensive blue crabs, curachas, prawns, and mussels. Then, fresh vegetable salad bar, appetizers such as fusiul,salami, and zucchini with pesto sauce, tuna nicoise, beetroot apple with feta cheese. Then, Vietnamese food such as Goi Cuon (vegetable spring roll), Nom Bo Kho (green papaya with dried beef), Goi Ca (vietnamese cold chicken salad). Then, other Asian food such as miso soup, kani salad, kimchi, tofu salad, and assorted maki sushi. Then, Continental food such as steaks, slow braised beef with radish and red wine, chicken with chili paprika and herbs, pan fried local see bass with potato, shrimps, dill&nut and brown butter, varieties of pasta, stir-fry noodles, vegetable pizza, paella, shawarma, chicken tikka and lamb burger. Then, desserts such as egg tarts, cookies, mango and strawberry panna cotas, apple lattice, crepes and ice creams. (Those are just some of the menu). 

      Here are our Top 10 Favorites during our visit at the Cucina Buffet of Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel Manila, Philippines! 

1.) Kani Salad

  • F942182E-DB10-416B-AC0D-C9DEE859528C

2.) Assorted Maki Sushi

  • IMG_8255

3.) Pan Fried Local Sea Bass with Potato, Shrimps, Dill&Nut, Brown Butter

  • E90E58E6-11C3-4A7C-B471-2E2B1C967480

4.) Blue Crab Sautéed in Garlic

  • IMG_8246

5.) Salad

  • 2CC31D8B-D663-4CDE-A9F3-A5944B436BDA

6.) Miso soup

  • B4187187-F225-40F6-AAB9-FC766F3A980F

7.) Assorted Potatoes

  • 154025A8-F1D4-434C-AB52-28DBCE8C23E2

8.) voncole pasta

  • 13330393-EB5B-45F9-9A65-C8F40EFA39F8

9.) Paella

  • 817446B7-D219-4C0B-93C2-4E37AE8454F8

10.) Egg Tart

As it really looked juicy, I had a bite before taking a pic. Oops, sorry!

        We are not sure until when will this set of menu be available as they customarily innovate their list after a couple of weeks. Just an FYI: Beginning March 1st, graduates and their loved ones can look forward to a filling reward at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s all-day restaurant. Located on Level 24, Cucina teat the Class 2020 with a complimentary meal when accompanied by four full-paying adults on their visit. To avail this promotion, the graduate must present proof of school identification or participation in their commencement ceremony. This offer is valid during lunch or dinner buffet service until end of July. Please let us know what you tried! 

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