14 Things To Expect in Lancaster Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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     I have been in Lancaster Hotel on its ribbon cutting last 2009. It is nice to be back after a decade. I was just a bit disappointed though as it was not as royal as before. Here are the 16 Things To Expect in Lancaster Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines!

1.) Good Night View

  • IMG_8396.JPG

2.) Pool for the Kids

  • IMG_8405.JPG

3.) 2 Chairs and a Table on their Deluxe Room 

  • IMG_8419.JPG

4.) A Lot of Traffic in the elevator

You can also see a lot of Chinese tenants in the building.


5.) Toiletries


6.) Kitchenette

You can borrow cooking utensils too!


7.) Free Robes


8.) Limited Pillows when fully booked

We called housekeeping to borrow more pillows…but they can no longer provide any..

  • img_7658

9.) Borrowed additional utensils

As we have Liezel’s sister, Jennyca, we requested additional plates.


10.) Photo Op

  • img_7651

11.) Limited Water

There are only two bottled water available. After that, you have to pay for additional bottles.


12.) Breakfast Buffet

Food, maybe 7/10 rating.


13.) Phone

You can dial local numbers for free!


14.) Internet can be slow sometimes

We were supposed to publish our vlog. We expected that internet connection should be strong. Not sure if it is because our room is located on the 19th floor.


15.) Internet Connection Limited to 3 gadgets only


16.) Others

Lancaster Hotel Manila Rules and Regulations

No Parties Allowed. Parties are not allowed within the guest rooms of the hotel. A party being defined as:

I. Any situation where the maximum number of guests allowed per room is exceeded.

     a. Visitors are allowed only up to 11PM. Maximum number of visitors including guest occupants for Junior  Suite- 6 persons, Executive Suite- 8 persons, Deluxe Suite- 10 persons and Lancaster Suite- 12 persons.

    b. Number of guests allowed to stay overnight are 2 adults plus 2 kids for Junior Suite and Executive Suite, 4 adults plus 2 kids for Deluxe Suite and 6 adults plus 2 kids for Lancaster Suite.

    c. Any excess persons beyond 11PM shall be charged Php1,200 per head.

II. Any situation where the noise level from the room is deemed too high thereby disturbs other hotel guests. Loud music, loud noises, are strictly not allowed. Should there be any complaint at any time regarding loud noises; hotel shall enforce all visitors to leave the room.

III. Any situation whereby excessive traffic to/from the room is identified.

a. Guest and Visitors are not allowed to loiter at hallways.

b. Request of extra chairs and tables is not allowed. Request of additional plates and cutleries is limited, based on availability and charges will be applied.

c. Major equipment and items to be brought inside the room by the guest is subject for approval and must be covered by a Gate Pass.

IV. Any situation where it is deemed that intoxication is occurring.

V. Any situation where it is identified that excessive alcohol is present.

In the event that any hotel guest is identified as having a party, the hotel reserves the right to immediately request all occupants of the room up to, and including, the guest who has registered for the room to vacate the premises.

In the event that an eviction does occur, the registered guest will be charged for that night’s accommodation and for any expense resulting from additional cleaning of the room, replacement of any furniture/ fixture/ fitting breakage, as well as for any required repairs.

Alcohol Consumption. Lancaster Hotel Manila does not allow excessive level of alcohol to be brought in to the hotel premises. Excessive amount of alcohol being defined as cases, slabs, cartons of beer or multiple bottles and cases of wine and liquor. Please take note of the number of bottles/ cans allowed to be brought: 1 bottle of liquor or 2 bottles of wine or 4 bottles of beer or alcopops. Corkage fee will be applied after the allowable number of bottles/ cans which is Php300 per bottle for wine or liquor and Php50 per bottle/can for beer or alcopops.

In the event that a registered guest or any person associated with that guest are identified as bringing excessive amounts of alcohol in to the hotel property, that person will be reprimanded and requested to relinquish the alcohol to the hotel or pay the corkage fee immediately.

Disaster Room. Upon checkout, if room is declared “disaster” by Housekeeping (which means it will take several hours/days to clean and/or rehabilitate the room and its amenities), hotel shall charge Php3,000 accordingly. Any items damaged and lost inside the room shall be charged and paid by the guest.

No Smoking on identified non-smoking rooms.

Parking. 1 complimentary parking slot is provided for each room/unit and is subject to availability.

Refuse Check-in. If upon check-in, hotel staffs observed that guest may be potential to conduct parties and may possibly elicit complaints from other guests, hotel may refuse check-in of guest.

Additional Actions that may result to Eviction. Lancaster Hotel Manila reserves the right to immediately evict any guest, visitor, or member of the public for the following reasons but not limited to:

  • Intoxication and/or unsavory/lewd behavior
  • Throwing of objects over the hotel windows or premises
  • Spitting in the hotel premises
  • Wilful damage to hotel property
  • Physical or verbal assault/ abuse on the hotel staff, other guests, members of the public on hotel premises
  • Any behaviour deemed as a potential safety threat to others
  • Any breach of the Party and/or Alcohol Consumption Rules and Regulations
  • Any incident for which the police are required to attend

Consequences of Eviction. In the event that an eviction of any nature occurs, the registered guest, their associates and visitors, will not be able to make future reservations at the Lancaster Hotel Manila. In the event that any person requested to vacate the hotel premises fails to adhere to this request, the police will be called which may result in further action being taken against the person/s in question.

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