7 Must-Expects when attending a Tausug-Muslim Wedding

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       Here are some of the things you must expect when attending a Tausug-Muslim Wedding. Tausugs are ethnic groups from Sulu whom most followed Islam.  The Tausugs originally had their own kingdom (Sulu) for more than few centuries. During the American period, Sulu became part of the Philippines.

1.) Grand Entrance of the Royal Bride on a Golden Litter  

       Although Tausugs are now under the Philippine republic, they still honor and respect the bloodlines of their great king. If you have the Tausug royal blood, you can have a grand entrance to the wedding venue through a Golden Litter. The vehicle is normally carried/ lifted by four or more men depending on the weight of the princess.

     Although rich commoners may opt to make her grand wedding entrance through a Golden Litter too, if you do that in the Tausug society and you are just a commoner, you may be scorned at.



2.) Grand Entourage of Major Sponsors and Special Guests


       There would normally be an aisle runway where major sponsors and special guests pass through while the host is simultaneously announcing their bloodlines and achievements in life. I have the impression that in Tausug culture– where you came from and where you currently stand is very important.



3.) Groom with Imam and Witnesses



4.) The Groom will land his right thumb on the Bride’s forehead



5.) Dance Performance

      Customarily, the dance performance should be done by the bride with/without her back up dancers. But if the bride doesn’t want to perform, she can just hire professional performers.




6.) Grand Party

        As weddings are one of the most important events in most of Tausug people, expect the event to be grand.




7.) Picture Taking with the Newly Weds

You can take pictures with the Newly Weds


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