12 Things To Do in Oxford, United Kingdom

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1.) Have yourself checked with the Experts



2.) Spend some hours in The Ashmolean Museum 



3.) Pray at the University Church of St. Mary The Virgin 



4.) Selfie with a Dinosaur at The Natural History Museum Oxford




5.) Check Out Pitt Rivers Museum



6.) Take a pic of the Radcliffe Camera 



7.) Go inside The Bodleian Libraries


     The Bodleian Library was founded in 1598 and opened in 1602 by Sir Thomas Bodley. Now over 400 years later it forms part of the Bodleian Libraries, a network of 28 libraries across the University of Oxford, serving the academic community in Oxford as well as scholars from around the world. The Bodleian Libraries is the largest university library system in the United Kingdom, welcoming more than 2 million readers per year. There are over 13million printed items in the Bodleian collections and over 80,000 e-journals. The Bodleian Librries’ outstanding special collections include rare books and manuscripts, classical papyri, maps, music, art and printed ephemera.


8.) Try to enter Christ Church at least by 4PM 


    The architecture, people and way of life at Christ Church have inspired authors and filmmakers. Christ Church’s literary link was forged by Charles Dodgson- Lewis Carroll- in Alice’ Adventures in Wonderland.

    Dodgson studied, taught and lived at Christ Church for 47 years. The then Dean’s daughter, Alice Liddell, was immortalised in his stories. The Dining Hall has many connections with Caroll’s fantastic tales. High on the left-hand wall, the fifth window from the entrance shows portraits of Alice and creatures from the book.

    The Quads, Cloister and Hall Staircase have been used in a number of films including The Golden Compass and Harry Potter. Professor McGonagall welcomes Harry and his classmates to Hogwarts at the top of the Hall Stairs and in the Cloister, Harry is shown the Quidditch trophy his father won when he was a seeker.

Iconic Things To See in Christ Church:

a.) The Meadow and Meadow Building- The Venetian Gothic style was reputedly favored by the famous Christ Church art historian John Ruskin.

b.) The Hall Staircase- A door at the bottom of the staircase has the words ‘No Peel’ studded into it. This was a protest against the Home Secretary, Sir Robert Peel (a Christ Church man) who in 1829 proposed greater freedom for Catholics.

c.) The Great Hall- is the largest pre-Victorian college Hall in Oxford or Cambridge and seats up to 300 people. It has a magnificent ‘hammerbeam’ ceiling and portraits of many famous members of Christ Church can be seen on the wall, including a few of the thirteen Prime Minister educated at the college.

d.) Tom Quad- became known as Tom Quad in the seventeenth century after the six-ton bell ‘Great Tom’ was installed in Christopher Wren’s tower.

e.) The Cathedral- much of the ancient priority church was rebuilt between 1170 and 1190. The Cathedral used to extend towards the space now occupied by Tom Quad. Cardinal Wolsey knocked down three bays of the nave to make way for the college building. (i) Jonah Window- is of great interest because only the figure of Jonah is made of stained glass. The rest of the window consists of small panels of painted glass, showing the city of Nineveh in minute detail.  (ii) St Michael Window is the Cathedral’s largest window. It contains Victorian glass showing the Archangel Michael leading his army of angels to defeat the devil, who is depicted as a dragon beneath St. Michael’s feet. The window illustrates a scene from Revelation, the final book in the Bible. (iii) Vaulted Ceiling is the chief architectural glory of the Cathedral. Its beautiful ribs splay out from 12 stone lanterns which appear to hang miraculously in mid-air. In the centre of the vault small interconnecting ‘lierne’ ribs create eight-pointed stars, forming an image of heaven high above the Cathedral.

9.) Take a pic of the Corpus Christi College



10.) Take a pic of Oriel College



11.) Visit other significant buildings with your special someone



12.) Spend a night in an Oxford Hotel 





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