20 Cultural Discoveries in the UK

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       These are just my observations as a Filipino when I visited the UK few months ago. These can just be few of things I must know so feel free to comment and let me know things I still must know! Not sure when I can come back to the UK.

1.) Flowers Above

        Unlike in the Philippines where plants are situated on the pathway grounds, I have observed that U.K. flowers are hanged from the lamposts. There should be a reason why they do that.




2.) They still use the Mail

      Unlike in the Philippines where you have to go directly to the post office which is sometimes very far from your home, here in the UK you just have to insert your letter in this cute red mail column which is normally available within every town.



3.) Fish and Chips

The dish originated from England. A must-try while in the UK!



4.) They love the pub!

       Most UK people go into the pub to socialize. They  also normally meet their future partners in life through a pub. In this pub, I tried three award-winning mini pies with three award-winning ales. I only took note of the pies’ names but I guess the ales’ names are inscribed in that wood. For the pies, I had Steak & Fuller’s London Pride, Traditional East End minced beef & onion, and Spicy chickpea tomato and aubergine with gravy and pie liquor. It costed my brother 18.95 pounds for this treat. By the way, this pub, Baker&Banker, give 50p for every tasting board sold to Special Olympics Great Britain- providing year round, all ability, sports programmes for over 10,000 athletes with intellectual disabilities.



5.) Holding the door for the person behind you is a courtesy

For the past three days, I have been considered rude for not holding the door for the person behind me.



6.) Thanks for letting me pass hand gesture

      When you cross the street and the driver let your pass, you can imitate below hand gesture. That means, ‘Thanks for letting me pass!’ I’m not sure though if that same hand gesture is appropriate for your teacher who let you pass your exam.



7.) There is quiet zone on the train

       Unlike in Metro Manila trains where almost everywhere is loud, in London trains you can find peace.



8.) Plastic society

You can even use your card as a ticket for the train



9.) Primark

If the Philippines has SM Stores, here in the UK they have Primark!



10.) You can pay your own grocery


11.) Tesco Grocery

If US has Walmart in every town, here they have Tesco!



12.) They prefer Bicycles


13.) Efficient Transportation System


14.) They have this expression, ‘Bloody!’



15.) They have a lot of Lion sculptures


16.) The have these Queen’s Guards in nice uniforms who should not sit nor speak while on duty.


17.) Another expression they use, ‘Cheers Mate!’



18.) They have these nice Telephone Booths in London 



19.) Lamposts almost everywhere

I must say a trademark of the UK too.



20.) You should reserve a table

You cannot just go visit and eat right away in a restaurant. You must reserve a table.








  1. I love your observations. Very witty. Especially about the hand gesture required for letting you pass!!!

  2. How nice to have someone from another country comment favourably on the things we take for granted here. My nephews who come from Scandinavia just love the pubs where they find people speak to one another without introduction unlike in their part of the world, and another friend from the USA commented on how we all thank the bus driver when we get off! I feel much better about my country now!

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