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  No organization will survive if they do not have financial means to support their well-loved goals. Every year, we would have to pay for website maintenance fees, email providers, promotions, meals, travels, and employees’ allowances just to empower and inspire Peoples to Travel the World (or perhaps Universe in the future).

Here are 3 Ways by which you can help sustain our goals!

1.) Advertise with Our Channels 

Due to changes in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Law, our earnings for the ads served have remarkably decreased. Ad Widgets will only appear if netizens agreed for pop up ads on their browsers. We propose to solution the problem by letting you advertise with us in three ways.

a.) Facebook  post- a picture/short video/link about you company for only 100 US      dollars at its current rate.

b.) Instagram post- a picture/ short video about your company for only 10 US dollars at its current rate.

c.) Your Company’s Brand Banner at the end of a Travellingpeoples article for only 500 US dollars at its current rate.


2.) Be one of our Travel Writers

Do you want to promote your travel articles? We can publish your blog on our platform including your social media accounts for 100 US dollars.


3.) Rent our Trademark 

You can use ‘Travellingpeoples’ as a name of your company by paying as a rent for the trademark at a current rate of 3,000 US dollars per year. If you are a starting  travel, perfume, towel, or transport company, etcetera, you can grow your business further by using the travellingpeoples brand.


4.) Shop on our Online Store 


Note: We will also appreciate your comments and suggestions to help us further. Thank you! 


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