10 Highlights of Our Great Ocean Road Tour, Victoria, Australia

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          Our Great Ocean Road Tour is sponsored by Gray Line Tours. The Great Ocean Road is a must-see when you visit Melbourne. It is known all over the world for its dramatic and impressive coastline, bringing millions of dollars to Australia’s tourism industry.

        Make sure your camera is fully charged because you will certainly be snap happy as you travel along the coast with its spectacular ocean vistas contrasting with serene rainforest. Here are our 10 Highlights for Our Great Ocean Road Tour with Gray Line!


1.) Picnic by the Angle Sea

       After an hour and a half travel from Melbourne city– passing thru the Melbourne skyline and West Gate Bridge, seeing Eureka Tower (Melbourne’s largest tower), the Melbourne Star (one of the world’s largest ferris wheel), Australia’s Chemical Plants, Car Factories, Coal Mines, Power Stations, and the Old Australian Air Force Field– we had a stop by the Angle Sea.

          We enjoyed an Aussie style Bush Billy Tea with Lamingtons, Vegemite, and Crackers– the old fashioned hospitality with a marvellous treat!



2.) Urquhart Bluff

          We also had a stop in the most picturesque view of Urquhart Bluff. This coast is also busy for surfers especially on summers and holidays.



3.) Passing-By Expensive Homes Along the Highway

         Because of the Great Ocean Road’s dramatic and impressive scenery,  prices of coastline properties continue to sky rocket. This is a road where you can find houses with amazing architectures.



4.) The Great Ocean Road Arc

         The government needed to give jobs to the returning Australian soldiers after World War I. Built between 1919 and 1932, the Great Ocean Road is now considered as the world’s largest war memorial dedicated to killed soldiers during World War I.



5.) Cape Patton

     After passing by the quaint township Lorne (home to the famous Pier to Pub swim), crashing surf, dramatic coastal cliffs, and endless long sandy beaches, river inlets and lush fern gullies, we had a stop in the viewing deck of Cape Patton. Our driver, Conns, lost his temper when I climbed up the wall to have a better selfie with the ocean. He said a couple already lost their lives for climbing that wall for their instagram selfie.



6.) Lunch at Apollo Bay Hotel

       After Apollo Bay Hotel, we had a one-hour stop in Apollo Bay. There are a lot of restaurants by the road. Apollo Bay Hotel restaurant caught our attention. We had a two course meal – Rigatoni Bolognaise and Strawberry Cake! We also enjoyed the classy ambience, music, and polite employees!



7.) The 12 Apostles

      After our lunch in Apollo Bay, we hit the road for another hour until we get to the best part of the trip– seeing the 12 Apostles! We passed by Marengo, Maits Rest, Lavers Hill, Prince Town, and the Australian native rainforest of eucalypts and dense ferns (Otway National Park).

      I remember my Earth Science subject in high school while watching about the 12 Apostles in the bus. The 12 apostles were formed by erosion- because of the strong winds and ocean waves. If you will count the stacks, they are actually only 9. Thus, they are called 12 apostles (confusing right?). Anyways, scenery here is so majestic. As if the 12 apostles are relaying something Holy.



8.) 12 apostles helicopters

       You can also ride the 12 Apostles Helicopters for only 100 Australian dollars offering you a unique opportunity to see the 12 Apostles, Shipwreck Coast and Port Campbell National Park from the air. 12 Apostles Helicopters offers the highest level of safety and service to make this a day you will never forget. They can also give you a recorded video of your adventure for only 40 Australian dollars.



9.) Loch Ard Gorge

      We learned the dramatic story of the Loch Ard Shipwreck which ended its three-month journey from England to this shore, killing 54 passengers and leaving only two survivors- Tom Pearce (ship apprentice, 19 years old) and Eva Carmichael (immigrant, 19 years old). They end up getting married.



10.) Port Campbell    

       After the dramatic story of Tom and Eva in Loch Ard Gorge, we visited the fishing village of Port Campbell for the sunset. It is a popular holiday resort and fishing village in Victoria, Australia. Birds can roam around the park. There are not much people in the place.


            The entire coastal journey provided an opportunity for stunning photography, nice company, serene relaxation and meditation. We would certainly come back to the Great Ocean Road together with my mother who is yet to discover Australia.

         On our way back to Melbourne, we watched an Australian movie, Oddball,  which was shot in one of the towns of the Great Ocean Road. The movie was great and let us appreciate more what the Great Ocean Road Tour has offered.

             We would like to thank Ms. Mia Lancaster and Gray Line Melbourne for the wonderful assistance we received. On our next adventures, we would prefer to send proposals first with Gray Line as we really had wonderful moments with the tour!




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