8 Activities For Your Jinguashi, Jiufen, Pingxi Day Tour

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    After spending the night in the mountains of Jiufen, I took the 10am bus trip down to Shuinandong area. I will be meeting there MyTaiwan Tour to guide me on my Jinguashi, Jiufen, Pingxi Day Tour. Because the three towns are a bit far from each other and I am tired of using google chinese translator, I thought it is more practical to have a tour company which will deliver me through all these locations; be entertained by an english speaking tour guide; and meet new friends who signed in for the same tour.

     Here are the 8 Activities we had for our Jinguashi-Jiufen-Pingxi Day Tour:

1.) Learn about the History of Jinguashi


   Jinguashi is a former gold mine developed during the Japanese colonial period.  Its  gold contributed to the wealth of Japan and Taiwan until the resources drained out in the 1980s. Currently, it is now promoted as a tourist spot which teaches the colonial history, natural wealth, and environmental advocacies of the Taiwan government.

2.) Explore the ruins of the Jinguashi mines


    Although you can always explore ruins in any place, exploring the ruins of the Jinguashi mines is a bit exciting. Once you wander in the midst of its ruins, your eyes may eagerly check if there were some tiny bits of gold yet to be discovered and secretly put into your pocket.

3.) See the Golden Waterfall

    Never drink the water in the Golden waterfall. It is only as good as the picture you can take with this beautiful background. The water has arsenic, a poisonous chemical which was also used as a cause of death in one of the characters of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ novel. Arsenic is also the reason why this waterfall is golden.

4.) See the Yin-Yang Sea

    Probably, the reason why this beautiful sea is called the Yin-Yang is because the complementary circular mixture of blue and yellow colors brings to mind the ancient chinese principle of the Yin and the Yang.

5.) Find the Hidden spot with the best view of Jinguashi


   In the above picture I was shyly murmuring ‘I am the King of the world!’ Thank you to the tour guide of MyTaiwan tour who took this wonderful photo. Definitely good to post in instagram.

6.) Visit Fushan Temple

   The temple was originally a Shinto temple during the Japanese rule. After the Taiwan liberation, The Torii structures were transformed into Taoist elements. The Giant statue in the temple is called the ‘Earth God’ who is normally the patron of the gold miners.

    Apart from the Earth God, one of my favourites in the Fushan temple are the Sanxing (three stars or three deities) who are Fu (Prosperity), Lu (Status), and Shou (Longevity) situated in the roof of the temple. If you will check the first quadrant of the four pictures above, you will find these Sanxing. Fu (Prosperity) is the man on the right holding a child, Lu (status) is the man on the centre wearing a civil servant dress, and Shou (Longevity) is the old man on the left.

7.) Explore Jiufen

    Jiufen is an inspirational setting for many award-winning Japanese anime and films. Although I do not have any idea about those anime and films that our tour guide was saying, I definitely enjoyed the Chinese lantern ambience and its tea houses.

8.) Create and launch your sky lantern in Shifen old street in Pingxi

    At the last leg of the tour, we were allowed to send our wishes into the heavens with the help of the lanterns. They also taught us how to construct our own lanterns. On Travellingpeoples’ lantern, I wrote for more success, more money, more travels, and more gratefulness to all of the people who comprise Travellingpeoples.

(Environmental Note: the fallen lanterns are immediately collected by folks of Pingxi in order to care for their environment while at the same time boosting the tourism in their town)

     I am much grateful to MyTaiwan Tour for allowing me to enjoy the 8 Activities they offer for a  Jinguashi, Jiufen, Pingxi Day Tour. The tour not only taught me the culture and history of Taiwan but also the concept of environmental sustainability. I hope I can bring back more friends and loyal readers with discounted tours from MyTaiwan Tour!

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