6 Things To Do When Your Staycation Hotel is Not That Good

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    February- We had the wrong choice of hotel for our routinary monthly couple staycation. Have you had the same sentiment? We paid almost 3 thousand philippine pesos (around 60 US dollars which can already bring you to a 3-star hotel in my country) on an experience we should have spent somewhere else.

   Since this month is still the valentine season, they have an advertisement in the lobby area for a discounted candle-lit dinner. We were very excited for that– thus dialled front desk but advised that the candle-lit dinner is not available.  Around 3pm, we got thirsty– thus asked for a pitcher of water but advised that they do not have a pitcher (a tiny request which other 3-star hotels could have granted). Around 4pm, we badly needed high-speed internet as the hotel’s is so slow. Have you had the same experience?

     Here are the five things we did to get out of negativity after finding out that our chosen hotel for staycation is not that good.

1.) Try to find what is beautiful in the ugly 

     Although the place sucks, we tried to find positives of the place. We are still grateful that the room is spacious. We have two queen size beds in the room.


We also love the chef who cooked our breakfast. Liezel had daing na bangus while I had longanisa de lucban.

2.)   Visit a nearby Landmark- Pinoy Big Brother House!

     Our hotel is only walking distance to the setting of one of the most famous reality TV shows in the Philippines- Pinoy Big Brother. We took some photos as a souvenir. We auditioned to this show thrice. First, when we were high school. Second, when we were college students. Third, when we were already young professionals. Unfortunately, after waiting-in-line among the hundred thousand housemate applicants, we were not chosen. Hopefully, this travel website we are so passionate will lead us to stardom.

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3.) Make your first VLOG!

     We do not want to shoot our vlog inside our messy home. Thus, shooting our first vlog in a hotel is a good idea. Feel free to leave us your feedback. And we would appreciate if you hit like, share, and subscribe to our youtube channel. We would need minimum of 30 subscribers to change the name of the channel to ‘Travellingpeoples’

4.) Sip coffee in Kandle Cafe

The cafe is so posh. We saw many celebrities in this coffee shop as it is very near to ABS-CBN TV Network. We wonder if there are also celebrities checked-in in our hotel.


5.) Pig out 

      There are also interesting restaurants very near our staycation place. To cite some, nearby are Pamana and Vanilla restaurants. They have unique and creative concepts apart from delicious foods that they offer.

6.) Sing with Smule

We loved this app ‘Smule’ which let you sing along to your favorite songs. Since there are not much people checked-in, we almost brought our lungs out.


  1. Wew! We feel you so much with this post. But still, we’re glad you found a way to not let the “hotel situation” ruin your staycation. Truly, things depend on how your mind sees it.
    And oh, we have yet to watch your first Vlog.

    Love, Ace and Demi

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