5 Valentine Date Activities in Maginhawa St

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Words and Images by Liezel Buhay— 

Apart from exchanging valentine gifts and doing a romantic staycation, we decided to keep our 2018 valentines date  ‘not so extremely extravagant’ this weekend. At the end of the day, what matters is our commitment  to love each other forever.

For this year, we googled a street where all of our area of interests are lined up. Luckily, we found Maginhawa Street (can be translated in english as ‘convenient’ street) This street is very near the University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City where my busy boyfriend is finishing his Masters degree. Although he has been in this street once, this is our first time to check out what this street can offer for valentines.

(We wonder if other couples will do their valentines date in just one street. Please keep us updated where you will be doing yours. Or better yet, inform us a romantic street for valentines day that we may not know. )

Here are our 5 Valentine Date Activities in Maginhawa Street

1.) Dine to her (my) favorite Japanese Restaurant

My boyfriend knows that I am all crazy about soup and Japanese food. He got a good hint when we ordered miso soup and spicy chicken katsu in Crazy Katsu Restaurant.


2.) Buy out some romantic lines

Both of us love books. Across the Japanese Restaurant is a local bookstore selling second-hand books. Although almost everything are going digital, we still prefer reading books than pdf! And we smell those pages sometimes.



3.) Of course, bring her (me) to some red roses

Unfortunately, although I specifically googled this flower shop along Maginhawa street, we just passed by the shop. My boyfriend has a rule– ‘One Stem of Rose in a year’. Perhaps he’ll give that rose on my birthday.. Sometimes, I hate that rule on him so I am making this post as a banter. For all those guys out there, don’t be like my boyfriend. Buy your women roses.



4.) Watch some Romantic Indie Films

We came across ‘Cinema Centenario’ which screens Filipino Independent Films. We watched a gay romantic film (out of curiosity). We will consider this place as our new date place every weekend.


5.) Watch the theater production ‘MNL Trapik’

Corner Maginhawa Street is a play production MNL Trapik in Amelia Lapena Bonifacio Teatro Papet Museo in 64 Mapagkawanggawa St. It talks about stories of women who have been victims of human trafficking. One of the things I love about my boyfriend is that he engages me to support local play productions which also tackle significant societal issues.

Catch their shows on the following dates:

February 11 5pm and 7pm
February 17 5pm and 7pm
February 18 5pm and 7pm





  1. Sounds great!
    You and your boyfriend love books? Hmm.. seems like you guys are a intelligent person. And I agree with you, I prefer reading a book than a pdf. Sometimes I smell the book, like you did. Hehe

    Btw, nice to meet you.

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