4 Things to Do in Seoul (Part I)

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There are a lot of things to do in Seoul– from visiting KPOP icons, museums, staying near Han River where their civilisation started, staying at the top of the Seoul tower, etc.  As I only had 16 hours in this city, I ended up checking only four things in my bucket list. Surely, I will come back to Seoul to continue my adventure.

1.) Play around Gyeongbokkung Palace

Rent a Korean costume and play with Kids visiting their national treasure. See how nice Koreans are!

2. ) Party in HongDae

Young people party in HongDae, Make sure you have your passports with you and speak at least basic Korean.

3.) Buy souvenirs

Being a Filipino means your friends are expecting at least some small souvenirs from the country you visited. You can buy souvenirs in MyoungDong. I bought BB cream for my mother, brother and girlfriend. BTS memorabilia for my sister. Caps with Korean letters for my brothers. And ref magnets to my friends.

3.) Buy gadgets in Yongsan Electronics Market

Samsung gadgets are cheaper here!




  1. I have always admired Asian culture for the shared values of family, community, respecting elders, they have in common
    with the nations …….. be well and stay strong.

  2. My mother’s – very European and proud of this fact – country of birth expects souvenirs, too. Even more to the point, you are expected to bring souvenirs for your enemies, too. 😂

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