5 Things to do in Bulacan on National Heroes Day

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Nov30th- National Heroes’ Day- yes Holiday! My family – girlfriend (accountant), brother (nurse) and me (BPO team leader, student, blogger) would want to destress from work through a heritage tour plus swimming.  We have already visited most museums inside the city thus we decided to visit its festive nearby province-  Bulacan (famous place for heritage sites and swimming resorts).

It is only 30 minutes away from our place in Quezon City and you can definitely get a refreshingly quick start when you go back to office. We know that there would always be a lot of things you can do in this place but here are our starter- ‘5 Things To Do in Bulacan’ if you will only have to stay overnight.

1.) Pray at Barasoain Church

Our first itinerary is the Barasoain church. It is only 20mins away from our hotel, Klir WaterPark Resort. The church has earned the title as the ‘cradle of democracy in the east’ and the site of the First Philippine Congress! It gives you sentimentality on being a Filipino.


2.) Write a Poem at Francisco Balagtas’ House

Works of Balagtas such as Florante and Laura are part of the Philippine High School Curriculum. Being literati, visiting his house would definitely inspire us to write a poem. Unfortunately, when we got there, it seems that the place was no longer maintained.


3.) Staycation at Klir Waterpark Resort

We keep on coming back to this ECO-friendly and family-oriented resort. First was swimming party with college peers. Second was attending the wedding of my friends. And third, de-stressing and bonding with family.

a.) Sleep more than 8 hours in one of their best rooms

After our excursions, we would want a comfy place to sleep. Their room caters the taste of yuppies- affordable cost, minimalist-styled but festive vibrant ambiance (especially if your window view are pools, coconut trees, and its happy people). We all snored for a while as we do not have any distractions.




  b.) Try their Wave Pool! 

They boast having one of the biggest wave pools in Luzon! You do not need to go near our coasts to experience wonderful waves!



c.) Bond and Celebrate the Birthday of your brother 

Since we three live altogether in an apartment, we already consider ourselves as one family. We decided to celebrate my brother’s birthday by ordering meals from their resto (which is delicious because they also cater to weddings and debuts)



4.) Try your friend’s homemade delicacies 

After Klir Waterpark staycation, we decided to meet our friends who live near Guiguinto Bulacan. This would be a good tactic as meeting your friends after relaxation would be an advantage on your photo ops. Bulacan homemade delicacies are one of the best.


5.) Shout for freedom in Biak-na-Bato

Apart from being an eco-adventure destination for the city dwellers, biak-na-bato became one of the headquarters of President Emilio Aguinaldo and one of the outposts of the former republic. Our guide advised as that we only just have to ride a jeepney to San Miguel from Klir Waterpark Resort. Unfortunately, our 5th itinerary was cancelled as I got a quick call from my Boss that I have to go back to work. I would definitely go back again to Bulacan (perhaps with my little siblings or future-kids). They would definitely love the heritage tour and a staycation at Klir Waterpark Resort.


For Additional Helpful Information:

1.) You can book a room at:    http://www.klirwaterparkresort.com.ph

2.) Once you book in the resort, the staffs are knowledgeable enough to advise you on how to go to the places I mentioned above.




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