Three Activities to Do in Potipot Island

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     Have you heard of Lilliput Island from Gulliver’s travels? As our friends just finished that book for our literature exams, we decided to spend our detox week to a similar-sounding-island-name in the Philippines- Potipot.

     Like the Lilliput, the Potipot Island is controversial for some reasons. First, it is an undisturbed small paradise– only few people come here because of the island’s proximity to the disputed territories of the Philippines and China. Sometimes, you can see shadows of both countries’  warships. Second, it is considered as an enchanted island. Some believe that this small island is inhabited by tiny fairies.

If you still decide to go and be part of the few people who visit the island, here are the three recommended activities you can do:


1.) Do some fun shots

Since the island is barely peopled, there are less audience who could react on your crazy stunts.

photo 7

photo 1.JPG


2.) Go camping: Stay overnight

Have you ever wondered what is life without electricity and drinkable water? You may try setting up a tent and a picnic until the next day. Just make sure your tent is well set-up. The night we had our camping, it rained and wind so hard.

photo 2.JPG

photo 6.JPG


3.) Watch the sunset

There is a bench which could exemplify your sunset watching. At the end of the detoxifying day, it is enchanting to see the beauty of the sleeping sun.

potipot sunset.JPG

Potipot sunset copy.JPG


For additional information:

1.) Boat schedules and how to get there: you may contact the Provincial Tourism and Promotions Office of Zambales landline 047 811 7216

2.) For Bus Schedules to this province: you may visit the famous bus liner website in the Philippines-


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