3 To Dos in Vitalis Villas, Ilocos Sur

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Words and Images by Chaela Canlas–


Vitalis Villas is one of the “must go to” resort in the North perched high on the mountain. One doesnt need  a passport to experience Greece, this is just 6-7 hours road trip from Manila- up north and VIOLA, a Greco-Roman resort is ready to welcome you with open arms. This is worth a tick in your bucket list. The beautiful scenery of seaside, sunrise and sunset is just AMAZING!




1.) Book a villa

My family and I were lucky to have experienced a luxurious weekend of relaxation. We booked a 2-bedroom villa which has its own dining room, sala, kitchen and jacuzzi. We had the best view from our villa which is fronting the sea which makes us feel the relaxation at its peak. The sea breeze makes you forget all the hust of the city and lets you focus on strengthening family bonds.
2.) Try all the Activities offered!
The resort has plenty of activities to offer and i suggest you try them all and make the most out of it. To enumerate a few, they have a swimming pool, infinity pool, a mini gameroom, small gym and Zoo. They also have a church INMACULADA CONCEPCION, for those who want to reflect and feel the presence of God.
For adventure seekers, it is highly recommended to try their ZIPLINE and scream your heart and lungs out!
3.) Eat Out!
The Ilocos Sur experience will not be complete without having a taste of their local delicacies and food,  just a 10 minutes drive back to BISTRO CANDON Restaurant owned by Chef Nic Rodriguez…Must try are the following favorites,….BAGNET, SINANGLAO, Breaded Oysters with Tartar Sauce, CAVICHE Oysters cooked in Japanese sauce, Pochero, Kansas City Pork Ribs, Lechon Baka in pita wrap and Pinacket and Chef Nic’s Tiramisu!!!
(About the author: Chaela Canlas busies herself in taking care of her sons, managing their farm in Batangas, fulfilling her duties as a vice president in a well-known hospital, and finishing her masters in Asian Studies)


  1. I was stationed in Subic Bay (Olongapo City) in 1979-80. Too bad this wasn’t in business then. I definitely would have tried it. Maybe I need to take another trip!

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