Top 5 Things You Need to Know in a World-Class Restaurant in Batangas Province, Philippines

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The pioneer of healthy culinary movement in the Philippines which started in Jupiter Street, Makati City is expanding its luxurious, healthy and sustainable offers in Southern Luzon. Dr. Elizabeth Micaller, the founder of the more than 3-hectares of land called Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise`built this in-house yet world-class restaurant named Farm to Table Healthy Gourmet Restaurant. Here are the Top 5 Things You Need to Know in this World-Class Restaurant in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines!

 1.) Their food are sourced from their own chemical-free farms. 

What is the importance of eating chemical-free foods? There have been growing studies that consumption of pesticide-induced crops and genetically modified livestocks can have harmful effects in human’s health. The effects can be visible only after unnoticeable consumption of such foods on your daily diet. Have you ever been curious why some teen men have grown breasts? Some studies point it to the consumption of chickens which were artifically grown for only 45 days instead of 60 days (through the help of growth hormones injected through them). Farm to Table Healthy Gourmet Restaurant is based on the concept of giving you 100% healthy food on its most natural form. Fresh harvests reach the kitchen only within 24 hours so that the food you eat is as fresh as it can be! If you enjoy the pleasure of knowing where your food comes from, have a tour around their farm. (Swipe below photos for more pictures)

2.) They try to keep reinventing their menu to use their local produce. 

Apart from having a healthy and clean organic food cooked only with extra virgin coconut or olive oil and seasoned only with the best ingredients like himalayan salt, coco sugar and other natural ingredients (no colorings, no white flour, no white sugar), the restaurant boasts its creative take on its menu offers. The names of the meals speak for its healthy and creative characteristics.

Breakfast – oatmeal porridge, garlic bread, green shakshuka, TAPSILOG where beef came from Brazilian grass-fed cows, .egg came from chicken with organic diet and mixed red and black rice. (Swipe below photos for more pictures)

Lunch– Falafel, seafood kebab, crispy spinach, atsara, picky salad, wild rice, house salad, miso soup, Wild Alaskan Salmon. (Swipe below photos for more pictures)

Merienda– Cacao Chocolate cookies, Banana Cake, Biko, Banana Fritters with Langka (Swipe below photos for more pictures)

Dinner– Tofu bulgogi, japchae, honey glazed chicken, tuscan seafood pasta, wild rice, house salad, pumpkin soup, buko salad. (Swipe below photos for more pictures)

3.) Prepared with Positive and Clean Energy

Do you believe that energy is transferrable even on the food that you eat? If a farmer has angst when planting or harvesting his produce or if a chef does not put love on what he is cooking, that negative energy can be transferred to you. In Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise’ Farm to Table Healthy Gourmet Restaurant, the staffs (farmers, chefs and other restaurant staffs) are oriented to positivity that they do things with passion and love. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

4.) Hidden Gem a little away from Lipa City for Few Selected Souls

Farm To Table Healthy Gourmet Restaurant is situated in the undisturbed rural part of Lipa City located in Purok 2, Brgy. Pagolingin Bata which is very fit for your healing retreat. The place is meant for few selected souls willing to explore the luxurious benefits of healthy living. If you have recently vowed to make healthier food and lifestyle choices recently, consider messaging them. Read our blog here.

5.) The spacious restaurant is subdivided by sustainable and instagrammable nooks

The 2,000 square-meter floor space of the restaurant is subdivided by private nooks fit for your family or social gatherings. Every nook is decorated by a comfortable hammock and sustainable and classy materials from tables to chairs. One family rented the whole space for a wedding event with the intention of feeding their guests with farm to table healthy gourmet food. (Swipe below photo for more pictures).

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