Top 11 Favourite Restaurants in Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines

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   Although Mall of Asia is already a landmark for Philippine Tourism, we are not seeing much recommendations online on ‘top restaurants to eat’ in Mall of Asia. Since it is nearing Valentines day (when more couples, families or tourists are browsing for top restaurants), we are grabbing this opportunity to recommend our top 11 favourites.

1.) The Cafe Mediterranean

     The Cafe Mediterranean is top of our list. We ate a plateful of rice, chicken, beef, fish, lamb and vegetables but we still felt light rather than heavy. The unique method of cooking, seasoning and ingredients made the difference.

   Established in the 90s, The Cafe Mediterranean is one of the first to offer the traditional and distinctive cooking of the 14 or so countries located within the Mediterranean. It was a cultural tour too as we explore the food that these countries must offer.

        To know more about their menu or where they are located, here is their website link:

2.) Hukad 

     It is always a feast in Hukad! They have rich offerings of local Filipino dishes, wooden interiors reflecting festivity and excellent service reflecting Filipino hospitality. One of the best sellers we tried are Baked Bantayan Scallops, Pomelo Salad, Crispy Pata, Lechon Belly de Cebu, and Halo-Halo!

        To know more about their menu or where they are located, here is their website link:

3.) Bistro Ravioli

        Do you prefer authentic Italian restaurant around Metro Manila? Bistro Ravioli stays true to the great Italian tradition by offering fresh pasta, brick- oven pizza, wood fired pizza and ravioli as a speciality of the house.  We ordered Cheese Fritters, Honey Bacon and Jalapeño Brick-Oven Pizza, Herb Chicken, Aglio Olio Pasta, Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce, and Shrimp Cobb Salad.

4.) Dohtonbori

       Dohtonbori is a Japanese restaurant serving up variations of a Japanese dish, okonomiyaki. If you are interested to try another japanese dish other than ramen, try their current promo- EAT ALL YOU CAN OKONOMIYAKI and YAKINIKU for only 699php.

5.) Bonchon 

       Bonchon is a famous Korean fast food restaurant here in the Philippines. Our top favourites when we do visits are Bibimbowl Beef, Bulgogi Noodle Soup, Chicken Chops, and Oriental Chicken Salad.

6.) Martabak Cafe Indo/ Malay Restaurant

      The only-halal restaurant in SM Mall of Asia encourages you to book reservations in advance because of the limited seats. They serve Indonesian and Malaysian food. On our visit we tried Beef and Chicken Rendang as it resembles our favourite  Kulma dish of the Tausugs.

7.) Mary Grace 

         Mary Grace is a restaurant founded by Mary Grace, a housewife with passion for cooking. Currently, her restaurants bring the the GOODNESS OF HOME, where fresh from the oven pastries and good home-cooked meals warm the heart and soul. On our recent visit, we ordered wild mushroom soup, ham salad, and fresh tomato and herb plate.

8.) Pho Hoa 

Their pho-losophy is simple– to make a healthy Vietnamese phở noodle soup offering the same robust flavors and aromas of traditional phở!

9.) Chowking

       Chowking combines traditional Chinese cuisine with modern fast food service. We love this restaurant because it is endorsed by our favourite celebrity, Kris Aquino!

10.) Jollibee 

      We included Jollibee because even in Valentines day, we know that many will still flock this fastfood resto. Jollibee has been part of Filipinos growing up. If you are a foreigner in the Philippines, make sure you try Jollibee too!

11.) Marugame Udon


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