Top 25 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines

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“If you connect with nature, it gives back its healing energy”

In Lipa City, there is a newly opened ‘paradise’ resort ready to accept vacationers who aspire to reboot their mind, body, and soul. As young adults trying to make sense of this fast-paced, stressful and unhealthy life, we are so blessed to do a staycation in Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise. We just realized so many things after indulging in their staycation package. Nearing 100% full construction in its amenities, here are our Top 25 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise located in Purok 2, Pagolingin Bata, Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines!

1.) Premium Glamping Tents

We stayed in one of the luxurious glamping tents in Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise. They call these premium glamping tents as ‘Abundance Tree’. It contains two king beds, a lavish and spacious sitting area, air conditioning, clean sheets and towels, organic beauty products and other basic amenities that a luxury hotel room should have. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

2.) Deluxe Glamping Tents

If you want to be a bit modest on your budget, they have smaller glamping tents called ‘Blessings’. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

3.) Dr. Elizabeth A. Micaller

Dr. Elizabeth A. Micaller, a Naturopathic Doctor, author, teacher and entrepreneur, founded this 2.8-hectare property which is designed to be a self-sustaining environment. We so much love how Dr. Micaller entertains her guests and educates people on the importance of ‘naturopathy in action’. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

4.) Their Dedicated, Nice and Good-Looking Staffs

Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise will not be successful without its dedicated, nice and good-looking staffs. We have interacted with some of them- Sol, Lance, Mark, Marian and others. Most of them stayed with Nourish because of their inspiring leader Dr. Micaller and the resort’s wonderful vision on health and wellness. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

5.) Their Food

They have their own restaurant called Farm To Table Healthy Gourmet Restaurant. The restaurant’s ingredients are sourced from different fruit trees, vegetables, and livestock living around the property. Apart from having a Healthy and Clean Organic Food, the restaurant boasts its creative take on its menu offers. Read our blog here. (Swipe below photos for more pictures)

6.) Instagram Worthy Shots

We love how the place is instagram-shots-worthy! (Swipe photo for more pictures)

7.) Remote Work/ Fast Internet

I have successfully completed my remote work. They currently have PLDT Fiber but they also plan to get Globe Fiber. Installing two internet providers will be good for business.

8.) Organic Beauty Products

My wife loved using their organic beauty products. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

9. ) Children’s Playland

The resort made sure that kids have a fun place here in Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

10.) Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences is here

The Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences have an office and a clinic in Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise. During our visit, we had a consultation with their in-house iridologist. In a session, the iridologist will determine possible illness you may have just by checking spots on your eyes. We were advised to take care of our liver. We just realized how wrong our lifestyle was. We need to take less sugar and eat more healthy food. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

11.) Sustainable Furniture

Dr. Micaller turned fallen pieces of woods in her property into useful furniture. Some of it she turned into wooden chandeliers, tables, vases, etc. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

12.) Nooks on the 2nd floor

When the resort started offering day tours, Dr. Micaller realized that these guests needed some nooks for rest. She constructed nooks on the second floor of her main building where the restaurant is also located. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

13.) Vegetable Garden

They use no pesticide. Some of their crops are arugula, radish, carrot, bokchoy, petchay, chili, basil, taheebo, spinach, etc. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

14.) Petting Zoo

Make new buddies at the petting zoo. A lively place where children can be entertained without gadgets. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

15.) Reflective Selfie Park

The reflective selfie park comprises multiple mirrors which invites people to examine themselves. Mirror gazing is a psychological tool which enables individuals to change the perspective of the self. I think this is good for Mental Health. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

16.) Reflexology Park

You are encouraged to walk barefoot and feel the different types of stones, grass and ground with Mother Nature.

17.) Lawn Games

Some of their lawn games are bocce and cornhole.

18.) Healing Meditative Garden

In this meditative garden, the sounds of the chirping of birds and the moving water with Koi fishes are therapeutic.

19.) Archery

20.) Mini-golf

21.) Bonfire

22.) Basketball and Volleyball Courts

23.) Billiard Table

24.) Gym

25.) Parking Space

There are a lot of parking spaces in this 2.8-hectare property.

There will be more items to be added on the list as Dr. Micaller relayed that they are also planning to put a spa, shrimp farm, colonics center , and a swimming pool. We are looking forward to visit again soon! For booking inquiries, below are Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise’ contact details.

Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise

Contact numbers (viber, telegram, whatsapp)- 09164214507


Facebook: Nourish Well-Being Eco-Paradise

Instagram: @nourishecoparadise

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