Our Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Shatin

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When my wife and I discussed where was our best romantic getaway in Hong Kong, we were surprised that we both chose Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Shatin. One of the cause of awe was due to the fact that it is located in the less explored region of Hong Kong- the New Territories. As Filipino travellers, we were framed to believe to just avail the ideal 3 days tour packages offered by many travel agencies for Hong Kong. Such tour packages normally only explore the most touristy and busiest spots thus excluding some must-explore cities in the New Territories like Sha Tin.

If you want to appreciate what Hong Kong has more to offer, I suggest you add three more days for a lovely hibernate in Hyatt’s hotel in Sha Tin. If you want your staycation experience to be positively memorable, exciting and refreshing, here are our Top Reasons Why You Should Stay at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Shatin.

1.) Breathtaking Views of To Lo Harbour and Kau To Shan Mountains

The large glass windows on the hotel’s facilities and guest rooms stage breathtaking vistas of To Lo Harbour or the calming Kau To Shan mountains. The hues of the sceneries change every hour, from morning to night, from winter, spring, summer, or fall. It is like a moving real-life canvass portraying Sha Tin’s nature and city life.

2.) Exclusivity at Regency Club

During our stay, we availed the upgraded service offers of the Hyatt Regency Club. Being a member of the Hyatt Regency Club offers a more personal approach on your arrival. The check-in process is more seamless when you were asked to just lounge on the 25th floor and enjoy quality complimentary snacks and drinks while they are preparing your room.

3.) Accomodating Staffs

Once the lobby staff of Hyatt Shatin saw our luggage, he offered his help on carrying it for us. If you are roaming around and passing by some of the hotel staffs, they will greet you with warm smiles.

4.) Authentic Chinese Restaurant – Sha Tin 18

Sha Tin 18 is one of the award-winning restaurants of Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Shatin offering authentic Dongguan and northern Chinese cuisine in a lively show kitchen environment. We have paid a visit during lunch where we availed their dim sum and set lunch. Some of our dimsum favorites are the steamed shrimp bamboo shoot dumpling, steamed shrimp pork crab roe dumpling, turnip puff pastry red cherry shrimp, and crispy fried lemongrass spring roll. For the signature dishes, we enjoyed the Peking duck that was skillfully sliced in front of us and divided into 3 dishes: crispy duck skin, duck breast meat and duck leg meat. We also love the citric flavours of their other signature dish- Wok-baked cod fish with homemade Chinese wampi paste. After that, a meal would not be complete without tasting their creative desserts that combine Western culinary style with Chinese ingredients such as the baked black sesame dumpling pie, pineapple roselle sherbet ice cream and chinese wine chocolate homemade ice cream. 

5.) Evening Cocktail

Another perk of being a Hyatt Regency Club member is the complimentary evening cocktail during your stay. Our top favorites on the dinner buffet’s menu are fresh greens, salmon and shrimp. The club also has a nice selection of complimentary bottled alcohols where our top favorites are white wine, red wine and tsing yi beer.

6.) Complimentary Breakfast

Another perk of being a Hyatt Regency Club member is the complimentary breakfast buffet where you can choose some hot items and continental selection of pastries, cheeses, jams, greens, grains, meats and fruits. They also have an a la carte menu where you can order eggs cooked in whatever style you like.

7.) Bicycle Trip

One of the best things that you can do in Sha Tin is a biking adventure. If you are a Hyatt Regency Club member, you can have the free use of their safe bicycles to roam around the recommended biking lanes around Sha Tin and Tai Po which offer nice vistas of nature, traditions and the modern city life.

8.) Clean, Spacious and Scenic Rooms

Being away from the stressful daily hustle, experience the ultimate level of peace and comfort with their clean, spacious, scenic and comfortable accommodation. I did not have my allergic rhinitis activated during my stay. They provide reliable internet connectivity, a luxurious robe and other high-end bathroom products. The high ceiling and huge opaque windows add more comfortable vibe to the larger than usual floor space of a Hong Kong hotel room. You can either choose to have a harbour or a mountain view.

9.) Amenities

The hotel offers top-notch resort facilities such as electric vehicle charging station, spa, patisserie, flowershop, laundry, concierge, business services, yoga studio, fitness center, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, landscaped garden and terrace, tennis court, resort-style kids club, outdoor temperature-controlled swimming pool and whirlpool. The hotel also offers special help to physically challenged guests. Employees at the hotel are trained to assist guests with special needs, enabling all visitors, regardless of ability, to enjoy a pleasant and safe stay.

10.) Proximity to Tourist Spots

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Shatin has direct access to the University MTR and buses. Some of the nearby tourist spots are the New Town Plaza (one of the largest shopping malls in Hong Kong), Che Kung Temple, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Shing Mun River, Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, and Chinese University of Hong Kong. They can lend you a high-quality violet umbrella during your strolls.

Some say “Once is more than enough”. With the memorable and positive experiences we had though, we will not tire ourselves going back to Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Shatin. We are looking forward for a family getaway soon!

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