Top 6 Things To Do in Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines

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From a laidback rural area, Amadeo has grown into a promising municipality with a longer list of things to do for tourists. Just neighboring the famous Tagaytay City, tourists should also consider a visit to Amadeo. Here are our Top 6 Things To Do in Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines!

1.) Pray at St. Mary Magdalene Parish

Every time we visit a town, we pay respect to one of its famous holy sites. Visiting their church is a reflection of its town and people. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

2.) Dine at Domus Restaurant

Let your imagination play with Domus Restaurant‘s huge architecture, authentic interior design, and palatable cuisine. The building was built with an astounding knightly persona through its golden interiors and contemporary Intramuros look. Indulge in Filipino, American, Mediterranean, and European cuisines creatively prepared by top-notch chefs of the country. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

3.) Celebrate your Wedding Event

With a cool weather like Tagaytay City, you can celebrate your garden wedding here. One of the recently developed property we have visited is Ivy’s Place. The name has roots in ancient Greek culture as a sign of fidelity (e.g. Greek couples were often given wreaths of ivy as symbols of eternity and faithfulness). (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

4.) Intimate Family Bondings

Just few meters away from Domus Restaurant and Ivy’s Place is a nice glamping accommodation called Harmony Resort. Top three things we love about this resort are- privacy, infinity pool, and the sunset! (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

5.) Meet the People of Amadeo

When we met some town folks from Amadeo, our impressions were- they are humble, grateful, and accommodating.

6.) Coffee Farm Tour

Amadeo, Cavite is known as the coffee capital of the Philippines. There is even a thanksgiving festival for the said coffee harvest- Pahimis Festival. There are a lot of interesting coffee shops, coffee farms, and coffee adventure tours in Amadeo. We hope that on our next visit to Amadeo, we can authentically experience more of their coffee shops and farm tours. (Below photo is from

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