Top 10 Must-Love in Cape Seaductive Resort & Spa, Basilisa, Dinagat Islands, Philippines

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Cape Seaductive Resort & Spa is one of the fittest resorts in the Philippines located in Brgy. Basilisa, Dinagat Islands, Philippines. It offers you a blend of luxurious and sustainable island living. It currently has three villas namely Tarsier, Tamaraw, and Kalaw. 

Here are our Top 10 Must-Love in Cape Seaductive Resort & Spa, Basilisa, Dinagat Islands, Philippines

1.) The Red Foot Princess

As the soil there is iron-rich, the proprietress of the property Ms. Lulu Gilmore is often called The Red Foot Princess. She is our first Must-Love in Cape Seaductive as this wonderful resort won’t be established without her hardwork and leadership. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

2.) Architecture

Be amazed how her creative mind turned into reality the wonderful architectures in Cape Seaductive Resort & Spa. 98% of the materials are sourced within the property with designs evoking the proprietress’ concept of a Filipino identity. The resort is also equipped with electricity, water heater, toilet bowls, and water system. Where in the world could you bring those luxury into a far-flung island? Amazing. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

3.) Spa

The resort can bring massage therapists, manicurists or anyone from the spa industry who can cater your relaxation needs. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

4.) Luxurious Linens

The linens used are imported from the United States of America to make sure you can sleep comfortably. It is the only resort in Dinagat Islands with luxurious linens. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

5.) Amazing View of Melgar Bay and its Islets

I woke up for a couple of weeks with this million dollar view of the virgin Melgar Bay and its islets in Dinagat Islands. Anyone would love to have this view at least once in their life. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

6.) Sustainability

Her island has always been preaching the importance of sustainable living. Any maltreatment of the environment impacts her beautiful island. In fact, the Super Typhoon Odette (one of the curse of Global Warming) had devastated the homes of her people. If we can use an oil lamp, solar power, recycling ordinary objects into treasure, why not do it? (Swipe photo for more pictures)

7.) The Staffs and their Gentleness

Cape Seaductive is a land of beautiful people and beautiful smiles. During my stay, I always felt the warmth of their staffs, the gentleness of their nature, and the willingness to help. No wonder why Lulu Gilmore wanted to uplift further the lives of the Dinagat Island locals by providing scholarships and aiming to build a state-of-the-art hospital in the island. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

8.) Traditional Filipino Dishes

In her resort, she developed healthy diet menu options for her guests to savor while still inspiring them about Filipino culture. The resort’s staples are organically grown and harvested from her own land. On below photo, we are also showing you her wonderful table scape and sustainable kitchen. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

9.) Harana on Your Arrival with Traditional Visayan Song and a Lei

You can experience authentic talents which probably are yet to be discovered by big production companies. Harana is one of the famous aspects of Filipino hospitality where locals welcome you through their folk song. That time, the singer Mr. Orly Tinchavez sung ‘Inday Intawon Balik Na’ which is closely translated to English as ‘Jane, I hope you can comeback already!’. Perhaps indirectly saying to all of their future guests that they are ready to make you happy! (Swipe photo for more pictures)

10.) Theatrical Red Dragon Boat

Once you dock to the Port of San Jose in Dinagat Island, you will be fetched by Cape Seaductive’s Red Dragon Boat. This is one of the most theatrical boat I have met which perhaps emanates the colorful personality of the resort and its owner. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

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