Top 10 Things To Do in Dinagat Islands, Philippines

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Dinagat Islands is the next top must-visit tourist destination of the Philippines yet to be discovered. It consists of 7 municipalities namely Loreto, Libjo, Basilisa, Tubajon, Cagdianao, Dinagat and San Jose. A lot has been improving in this progressive province since its creation in 2006. Apart from newly constructed roads, hotels and ports, there will be a plan in the future to improve internet connectivity and build an airport. Currently, the nearest gateway to the province is by riding a ship from Surigao City (travel time is about an hour).

Here are the Top 10 Things You Can Do in Dinagat Islands, Philippines!

1.) Meet the People of Dinagat Islands

In my week-long stay, I have enjoyed the gentleness of its people. I have met most of them through my stay with Ms. Lulu Gilmore (the girl from the United States who was prophesied by a religious group to bring prosperity to Dinagat), Kuya Nols Nolli Redula (baranggay councilor of San Jose), Aura Chekadora (famous influencer in Dinagat Islands) and Raden Docena (bao-bao driver who toured me around Brgy. San Jose).

(Swipe below photo for more pictures)

2.) Islander’s Castle

The so-called Islander’s Castle is one of the only few castles in the Philippines which can definitely compete with other castles of the world. It is situated on top of the mountain with an amazing view of the bluish waters and greenish hills of Dinagat. It is the home of the famous ex-governor of Dinagat Islands Mama Glenda Ecleo. Many still wonder what the interiors of the castle look like as not all would have entry access to the property. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

3.) Divine Master’s Shrine

The Divine Master’s Shrine is not only flocked by the followers of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association Inc. and the Rubenian International Inc. It is also flocked by curious tourists visiting Dinagat. The shrine houses the remains of the Divine Master Ruben Ecleo Sr. His charisma and ability to “heal” drew followers from the Philippines and the World. His organizations were formed with an intent “to promote national and international peace and unity; preach and practice the virtue of benevolence by being charitable, giving voluntarily, helping generously, serving faithfully, without discrimination or distinction as to race, religion or nationality.” (Swipe photo for more pictures)

4.) Try the Bao-Bao

The Bao-Bao is a cute land transport vehicle around the Island. You must try riding this famous Bao-bao! (Swipe photo for more pictures)

5.) Food Trip

Many restaurants have sprouted around Dinagat Island. You may try Twindales, Reynalds, or the menu in Cape Seaductive Resorts & Spa. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

6.) Cultural Immersion

My first purchase in the island is their native hat. It is also nice to roam around its streets and talk to locals. (Swipe photo for more pictures)

7.) Cape Seaductive Resort & Spa

Cape Seaductive Resort & Spa is located in Brgy. Basilisa, Dinagat Islands, Philippines. It offers you a blend of luxurious and sustainable island living. It currently has three villas namely Tarsier, Tamaraw, and Kalaw. Read our blog here. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

8.) Engkantada Falls Resort and Spa

The Engkantada Falls Resort and Spa is the accommodation that any true adventurer would love. With just a simple trek into the jungle, you will be able to stay in a magnificent villa amidst the jungle. This villa can fit up to 6 guests comfortably. Nearby is a gorgeous waterfall that their guests can access and enjoy. For booking queries, you may visit their site here. (Swipe below photo for more pictures)

9.) Island Hopping Tours

Cape Seaductive Tours offers you personalized adventures that tell the story of Dinagat Islands and its beauty. During my stay, I have tried their guided Island Hopping Tour, Hiking Tour, and Waterfalls Tour. One of the highlights I liked is the discovery of virgin territories such as Paragamac Falls and Palhi Beach. (Swipe photo for more pictures).

10.) Cagdianao Red Mountain

It is my first time to hike on a red mountain amounting to 1200 steps.

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