12 Highlights on Your Island Hopping Tour with Cape Seaductive to Paragamac Falls, Dinagat Islands, Philippines

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Cape Seaductive is one of the best companies in Dinagat Islands offering Island Hopping Tours in this next top must-visit tourist destination of the Philippines. You can go to the Blue Lagoon, Pangabangan Island, Bitaog Beach, Gaelan Beach, Pagkawasan Beach, Duyos Beach, Babas Cove, Bababu Lake, Little Hagakhak Island, Aga Island, Cabacungan Cove, Islander’s Castle, PBMA Shrine, etc. You can definitely customize your trip with them depending on your interests. In our case, we decided to go to the off-beaten track less flocked yet by tourists- Paragamac Falls.

Here are the 12 Highlights for your Island Hopping Tour with Cape Seaductive to Paragamac Falls, Dinagat Islands, Philippines!

1.) The Theatrical Red Dragon Boat

Your Cape Seaductive Tours won’t be complete without colorfully experiencing the warmth, care and pace of the Theatrical Red Dragon Boat. This will be the first vessel to introduce you to the islands of Dinagat.

2.) Port of Basilisa

On your way to Paragamac Falls, there will be a stopover in the Port of Basilisa. You can pause a bit and explore the sleepy town of Basilisa. People are laidback which reminds you of ‘no stress’ mantra. My first purchase here was a native hat which shielded me from the sometimes-scorching sun.

After your Basilisa excursion, you will then take a Bao-Bao to pass by other towns on your way to Paragamac falls.

3.) Bao-Bao Dinagat Island Countryside Land Tour

Bao-bao is one of the famous land transportation vehicle in Dinagat Islands. Bao-bao’s nearest translation to english is ‘Turtle’. Although this vehicle looks like a turtle, do not be mistaken by its speed. We enjoyed the ride while passing by local villages and mountainous vistas.

4.) Stop Over to Brgy. Kabiton-an, Cagdianao

Your Bao-Bao ride will end at a local village in Barangay Kabiton-an, Town of Cagdianao. You will then ride on a smaller boat to have easier access among hard-to-reach Dinagat Islets.

5.) Bonding with co-guests while Enjoying Diverse Vistas from Various Dinagat Islets

In this trip, I’m with Ms. Lulu Gilmore (the CEO and Founder of Cape Seaductive), Mr. Farley Fernandez and Mrs. Nerscisa Fernandez (my co-guests). We passed by the Pacific Ocean, saw from a distance a mining pit, a huge commercial ship containing minerals for export, amazing rock formations, and mangrove reserves.

6.) Egis- Egis Falls

On your way to Paragamac falls, you’ll pass by a falls in Dalagang Bukid Island (closely translated to English as Mountain Girl Island). Dalagang Bukid is one of the mythological characters in Dinagat Islands creation story. Dalagang Bukid is named as Dina while the other character as Lalaking Bukid (Mountain man) is named as Gat. As their families are against the couple’s love, they decided to jump off a cliff believing that by doing so, they can be together forever. Few years later, these two main islands of Dinagat sprouted- Dalagang Bukid (DINA) and Lalaking Bukid (GAT) islands. The falls is considered to be the overflowing love of Dina which passes over to the Pacific Ocean until it reaches GAT (Lalaking Bukid Island).

7.) Dock to Paragamac Shore

After passing by Dalagang Bukid Island, you’ll dock to Paragamac shore which is your entry point to Paragamac falls. The Paragamac shore faces the Pacific Ocean.

8.) Start of Hike to Paragamac Falls

You will have to hike for about 10 to 20 minutes in order to reach Paragamac falls.

9.) Meet Datu Silangan

Datu Silangan is the code name of Mr. Paragamac, the proprietor of this 2,000 hectares property. He would always say, ‘I may not be rich financially but I have nature as my treasure!’

10.) Enjoy Paragamac Falls

What’s most interesting about Paragamac Falls is that it is composed of 7 tiers. You may hike further to reach the other tiers.

11.) Palhi Beach

On our way back home, we stopped over Palhi Beach. This beach is undeveloped yet boasts virgin white sands and free coconuts!

12.) Cultural Dinner with Dinagat Locals

We ended the day by visiting a nice farm house overlooking Dinagat nightscape. They prepared food for us, entertained us with karaoke, tiktok dance, and hair braiding sessions.

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