Top 29 Food Deliveries We Tried in Metro Manila

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Since the pandemic started, we have tried more cafes/restaurants available in Food Panda and Grab Food platforms. Here are our Top29 Food Deliveries we tried in Metro Manila in no particular order.

1.) Curated by KLC

Thank you Curated by KLC for making our monthsary memorable with this mini-cocktail party set up at home! And who thought the price could be as affordable as ordering your favorite pizza boxes. It gives a romantic dining display while learning for the first time how the socialites do it. Contents are Cold Cuts: Jamon SerranoProsciutto SpallaChorizo CoppaSalame Milano; Cheese: IbericoBrieBlue CheeseGreek Feta with PestoEmanthal; Dip:Smoked Tinapa; And then accompaniments: Palawan honey, Kiwi, Walnuts, Grapes, Various dried fruits, Raisin chocolate; Assorted crackers; Truffle chocolate; Olives; Cocktail onions; Pickles; Orange; Cherry; tomatoes

Note: they also used edible florals, rosemary and thyme as garnishes. For orders, you may contact them through their FB page or IG page text 09178935465

2.) Mapishi

Who would have thought there is an authentic choice of African food delivery here in NCR promoting Swahili cuisine. It is a nice experience to try:

1. Beef Pilau with Kachumbari salad
2. Maharage (Red Kidney Beans)
3. Chapati with rojo dip (the tomato based sauce)
4. Seafood Biryani caramelized onions

Please order through their Facebook and Instagram page or text +63 995 026 4719

3.) True Phlavors

We had kalderetang kambing, dinakdakan, laing and adobo rice. For orders, you may DM them through Facebook and Instagram

4.) Big Mummys

Who would have thought that you can enjoy high quality home cooked Indian and Arabic food by Chef Rishee Gandhi at a very affordable price. Each order ranges from 100php-200php only. For orders, message them on Facebook or Instagram or tel no. 09178150063

5.) Lokal Basil Manila

Their best sellers are Aglio E Olio Pasta, Pan Baked Chicken and Potatoes and Tomato Basil Cream Cheese Dip. For orders you may dm them on their Facebook and Instagram or text 09173109107.

6.) Fresca Pasta Bar

Fresca Pasta Bar is soon to conquer the Food Panda and Grab Food market in its upcoming opening of their BGC, Makati and Cubao branches. Chef Francesco D’arrigo offered me his top favorites such as the eggplant and pumpkin ravioli.

7.) Dolce Miel

Dolce Miel, pure indulgence with every bite! At the Dolce Miel kitchen, you only find the truest ingredients, exactly measured, studiously combined, baked perfectly to produce ‘dolces’ for your discerning palate. We tried their best selling ensaymada! For orders, you can message them on their facebook or instagram or text 09178415550.

8.) Food by Nadine

We tried Orange Chicken, Egg Fried Rice, and Pork Katsudon. Made with love, we love how they use real orange flavor for the chicken and cook their onions for the katsudon. For orders, you can message them on their Facebook or Instagram or text 09399195844

9.) Graciela Dark Chocolates

Graciela Dark Chocolates Anti Oxidant Trio: Dark with Strawberries, Dark with Cranberries, Dark with Cacao Nibs for only 185php. For Orders, contact through Facebook or Instagram or Telephone: 09275637903

10.) Yummy Home Made Ice Cream

Ice Cream HomeMade with Love by a Mom and Two Daughters. Order by messaging them on their IG: @yummyhomemadeicecream or Cell: 09178412368

Review on the look: Very nice gift for your special someone craving for something sweet and cold this hot season! Containers are also made of paper, making it very sustainable to the environment.
Review on the taste: They have Strawberry Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, Avocado, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookie Dough, and Mango Graham flavors! We tried Strawberry Cheesecake and Birthday Cake Flavors.
For Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream, there are crushed grahams, strawberry bites, and strawberry fibers mixed on the ice cream. These ladies can make it big in the nationwide production someday ❤️ They make great strawberry cheesecakes!
For Birthday Cake Ice Cream, there are vanilla, brownies, chocolates and colorful candies mixed on the ice cream. It tasted like a cake I normally order on a famous cake brand, this time though an ice cream!

11.) Arny Dading’s Peachy-Peachy

Delighting families since 1983, world renowned homemade Filipino dessert made from Fresh Cassava. ‘Often imitated but never duplicated!’ It is not so sticky on your hand even on your tongue. We enjoyed it with a lot of cheese toppings! The taste is just as good with some other well-known brands we know.
The business is owned by the Yambao Family of Malabon ❤️ Support Small Business Owners Selling High-Quality Products. For orders you can message them in IG (@arnydadingpeachypeachy) or
Telephone: 8218-0637 or 8281-9758
Mobile Number 0917-8412368

Other Product Offers of the Family:
Relyenong Bangus, Boneless Tinapang Bangus, Pork Longanisa, Longanisang Hubad, Chicken Longanisa, Tapang Kabayo, Skinless Longanisa, Atcharang Papaya, Lumpiang Ubod, Chili Garlic Sauce in Corn Oil, Sukang Paombong, Patis Puro, Butcheron, Fresh Calamansi Juice, Embutido, Langka and Pinipig Flavored Peachy-Peachy

12.) Berrito PH

Celebrating our 7th Heart Anniversary by enjoying As we’re still waiting for our Mexico travel, it is fine for now to enjoy this burrito at home.

13.) Butter Fairy

We love butter on our bread but who thought it could come with creative flavors such us Walnut Brittle, Classic Garlic Parmesan, Cinnamon and Honey, Lemon and Italian Herbs, Cilantro Lime and Chili, and Roasted Garlic. Our favorites would be the Cinnamon and Honey and Walnut Brittle flavors as these are good too for pancakes!
Additional Must-Knows:
1.) They use high quality pure French butter in all of their spreads. Their herbs are organically sourced and dehydrated yet the flavors are intact (using their own food dehydrator to remove any moisture for a better shelf life).
2.) They use New Glass Bottles from a manufacturer which they wash again using warm water and plant based dishwashing liquid (like the ones you use for cleaning baby bottles) and Then, use their sterilizer.
3.) Their Artisan butter is perfect as spread and Great for cooking too! You can use it on your
fried rice, fried egg, fried chicken, fried fish, fried veggies, buttered prawns, oysters, clams, corn, pancakes and breads.
4.) Look test- very good for gift to your friends and family.
5.) They have an awesome introductory price for this month of June. PM is the key!
6.) We will be picking two winners to receive the amazing products from @butterfairy_ph. Just comment down below ‘mine’ if you want to join. Then follow their Instagram: butterfairy_ph and Facebook: Butter Fairy

14.) The Good Tapa

One of the tastiest tapa we tried. For orders, please DM them on their Instagram or Facebook or text 09175226892.

15.) Bistro Ravioli

Bistro Ravioli stays true to the great Italian tradition by offering fresh pasta, brick- oven pizza, wood fired pizza and ravioli as a speciality of the house.  We ordered Cheese Fritters, Honey Bacon and Jalapeño Brick-Oven Pizza, Herb Chicken, Aglio Olio Pasta, Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce, and Shrimp Cobb Salad. For orders, you may DM them through Instagram or Facebook or

16.) Vetina and Sarrah’s Kitchen

We ordered Ube Cheese Pandesal. For orders, you may DM them through Facebook or Instagram or 09754601392/ 09064607287. They also bake customized cakes, cupcakes, and cookie boxes.

17.) Bob’s Delights

Must Try from Bob’s Delight Banana Loaves and Burnt Basque Cheesecake ❤️ Contribute to the growth of small businesses! For orders, please dm them on their IG or FB or call or text 09178781208

18.) El Komisaryo

Creative and delicious meals from El KomisaryoEvery week they have new menu offer to try! This week is Beer Match: Bopis, Liempo, Kinilaw with colorful garnishes. To be updated, please follow them on their FB and IG pages or contact 09162731474#supportsmallbusiness#supportlocal El Komisaryo Features- Serious Eats by not so Serious People

19.) Baka Naman

Baka Naman Super Tender Cheesy Beef Caldereta and Tender and Succulent Beef Adobo from Filipino Attorney Chef Kat! These are her two main Filipino Beef Dishes to offer while setting up more Beef menu in the coming weeks.

20.) Cafe Mediterranean

  We ate a plateful of rice, chicken, beef, fish, lamb and vegetables but we still felt light rather than heavy. The unique method of cooking, seasoning and ingredients made the difference.

   Established in the 90s, The Cafe Mediterranean is one of the first to offer the traditional and distinctive cooking of the 14 or so countries located within the Mediterranean. It was a cultural tour too as we explore the food that these countries must offer. For orders you may reach them through Facebook or Instagram.

21.) Hukad

It is always a feast in Hukad! They have rich offerings of local Filipino dishes, wooden interiors reflecting festivity and excellent service reflecting Filipino hospitality. One of the best sellers we tried are Baked Bantayan Scallops, Pomelo Salad, Crispy Pata, Lechon Belly de Cebu, and Halo-Halo! For orders, you may reach them through Facebook or Instagram.

22.) Lhotte’s Good Food

I love how the baked nachos, baked sushi, and buffalo wings were prepared. You may contact them at 639173077450 or facebook by searching Lhotte’s

23.) Snack Hut PH

From Snack Hut- 1x combo c (mojos + onion rings)
1x titan fries (sour cream, bbq and garlic parmesan)
1x blueberry shake (L)
1x strawberry milkshake (L)
all flavor of dips (wasabi, honey mustard, ranch, garlic mayo

For orders, message them through FB or IG or text 09451986475


Enjoy 2 Kits for only 550php. For orders, message them through Facebook ( or Instagram ( or text 09564287338

25.) Mudras Best

From Mudras Best- 500g labuyo longganisa, 500g pack of garlicky garlic, classic hamonado longganisa sauce, chili garlic longganisa sauce, and vigan longganisa sauce. For orders, text 09950441501 or message them in FB or IG @ulamnimudra

Note: One bottle is good for 500 grams cooked pasta. For Creamy Longganisa Pasta Sauce: Pour into pan, add 1 cup of cooking cream and pasta, and serve!

26.) Sushi Bae

For orders, you may DM them through Facebook (@Sushi Bae) and Instagram (@sushibeforeanythingelse).

27.) Gata Express PH

Their best sellers are Laing, Bicol Express and Gising-gising. Cooked in 100% pure, fresh gata, made with Bicolana flair! For orders message them in Facebook or Instagram or text 09215983503.

28.) The Plant-Based Project

The Plant-Based Project is an all day vegan brunch cafe. For orders, you may message them through their instagram (@theplantbasedproject_qc). We have tried their Coco Calamari. Looking forward to try more on their menu soon.

29.) Aling Rarita

Aling Rarita’s best sellers are Ube Macapuno Mango Sticky Rice for only 150php, Homemade Mango Sticky Rice for only 120php, Pad Thai for only 135php and Homemade Kimchi for only 120php.

For orders, message them on their Facebook or Instagram or text 09175231130.

Please let us know what food deliveries you have tried, you are interested to try, and you suggest us to try. Thank you!


  1. Everybody is slowly suffering since economy is getting affected by pandemic this is a great move to help them by letting community know where to order clean and great arrays of food. Thank you for sharing, Keep safe and God Bless.

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