Top 16 Things To Do in Makati City, Philippines

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1.) Appreciate Makati City from Top Views

As Makati is comprised of high-rise buildings, it is nice to appreciate Makati City from top views. Whether it is a morning, afternoon or evening, the aura that Makati landscape emits is inspiring. So far we have shot below views from City Garden Grand Hotel, Ramada Encore by Wyndham Makati, Sunette Tower, SMDC Jazz, Draper Startup House Building.

2.) Staycations

We had our staycations from Sustainable Living by Tina, Draper Startup House Manila, City Garden Hotel, City Garden Grand Hotel, Berjaya Hotel, and Ramada Encore by Wyndham Makati. Read our blog here.

3.) Party in Poblacion

The unique perks along with Poblacion’s creative vibes will entice you to extend your stay in this urban hub. To mention a few interesting bars we have checked out are Filling Station Diner, Futurist, Run Rabbit Run, and Mijo. (swipe below picture for more photos)

4.) Walking on the streets

You will be inspired walking in Makati, seeing its modern and high rise buildings. Each building evokes a unique persona created by famous architects and engineers.

5.) Food Trip

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6.) Visit Makati Churches

Some of the churches are more than 400 centuries old. Below photo is the Saints Peter and Paul Church located in Poblacion, the oldest part of Makati. The Franciscans were the first missionaries here in 1578. The Jesuits built this church in 1620 and administered it until 1768. Adjoining were the novitiate for the Jesuits and a house of retreat. Both the church and novitiate were dedicated to San Pedro in memory of the Rev. Pedro de los Montes, builder of the church and of Captain Pedro de Britto, Regidor of Manila, who donated the site called Buenavista in 1607 and endowed the novitiate.

7.) Chasing Makati Sunset

Below photo is from an AirBNB unit of Sustainable Living by Tina in Sunette Tower.

8) Parks

9.) Weekend Markets

10.) Historic Buildings

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11.) Malls

So far we have been to Centuy City Mall, Power Plant and Sm Jazz Mall. Read our blog here.

12.) Statues

13.) Museums

(pic and paragraph soon)

14.) Walk on Underpasses

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15.) Ride the E-Jeepney

16.) Concerts

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